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To chop or not to chop

barbie chop2

I have been pondering new haircuts. Yah, I am deep like that.

Having stopped breastfeeding recently, my hormone levels are all over the place, which has led to a daily hair washing routine. Given the lengths of my locks, washing and drying my hair is a lengthy process – it requires time I simply don’t have. Dry shampoo is a great fall-back, however, nothing I would want to use on a regular basis. It’s heavy and dusty and makes the baby cough.

I am also bored to tears with the buttery chive-like texture of my hair. It’s straight like chives but also buttery soft – which means every attempt at adding volume is futile, especially at its current length.

So. The hair’s got to go. But where? I could grab a pair of scissors and chop it off myself a la Scarlett Johansson:

Scarlett Johansson Mango Fashion Awards 3rd Edition, held at National Art Museum of Catalonia - Arrivals Barcelona, Spain - 20.10.10 Credit: (Mandatory): Sean Thorton/

I sincerely hope she hasn’t paid anyone for this ‘cut’. The 4-yo would have happily done it for free for her.

I really like January Jones’ slightly angled Bob.


Or am I too old yet too young for a Bob? I find Bobs extremely cute on young women and very nice on older ladies. But what about the inbetweeners?

Or I could play it safe with a mid-length hairstyle a la Palermo:

olivia palermo mid length hair

I love a blunt cut like this one. Layers are massively overrated, if you ask me. They thin out fine hair like mine unnecessarily.

I am also pondering one of the bigger questions in life. Unfortunately, this one’s definitely not for sharing. Not as long as I haven’t made up my mind. And it’s killing me not to be able to discuss it here with you. 




  1. Don’t go too drastic!! I did this 6 months ago and have been painfully growing it back since…. but I know the feeling of wanting to chop – I think you’d look fab with the Olivia Palermo style – also at least you can tie it back on those full on kiddy days x

  2. I had mine chopped on Friday. Loving it. Layers and thinned out but then again my hair is so heavy that I don’t bother blow drying it (it takes far longer than I have time for), or doing any styling with it because within minutes, it’s back to where it wants to be (rather than where I want it to be).
    I’m closest to the last one (plus layers and thinned out ends), but that’s partly because it hides my chubby cheeks which is not something you’ll have to worry about. Next up: colour to hide the grey … I kind of like the first picture though, but then again I don’t like it when you can see that hair has just been cut, I’m much more of a wind in the hair look type of person. Enjoy whatever you’ll decide on!

  3. I say jump right in. It will grow back. Make sure it’s long enough so you can still pull it back and voila 🙂

  4. I love a blunt cut but your hair needs to be super thick for it to work. I recently had mine keratined again to get rid of the crazy frizz but I couldn’t believe what I saw when I finally washed my hair on day 4 – it didn’t work!! I’m going back in a week to get some new treatment done, hopefully that’ll do the trick as the afro is getting out of control! 🙂

  5. I had eight inches chopped off mine on Friday! Everyone said don’t do it, but they did not have to live with the hair! Mine is frizzy and thick and an infestation of nits just drove me over the edge. I now have shoulder length hair and it is fine

  6. I personally think the bob would be really lovely on you. It might need a good blow dry to look good all the time but if you leave enough length you can ponytail it when you can’t be asked? Any of these will look great on you anyway even the messy Scarlet chop!

  7. I went from past the shoulders hair to a short bob on a whim one weekend. I am so glad I did. I had long hair for so long and whilst I do miss it some days, I love how practical it is to get ready quickly and realised that I wore it up so often because it needed some attention to look nice down and I just didn’t have the time to give it that attention.

  8. I like the mid-length bob type style of Ms Palermo. It would look great on you and is more versatile than a shorter cut 🙂

  9. I like January Jones’ bob, that looks stylish and NO you are not too old!! You’re a mere whippersnapper for goodness sake 🙂

  10. Big M says

    “A Bob!?” you people are crazy for suggesting such a thing! Little L and I will be in tears. As Little L would point out, princesses do not have short hair, only boys do, like Papa. We love the pony tail on MetMum!

  11. Daniela says

    On the other hand- Petit Pea would be very happy to be able to pull out your hair if it’s not back in a pony tail 🙂

    I did the JJ-Bob last July and I must admit ever since it wore off the initial excitement (read: 1 day) I wish I hadn’t done it.
    My advice: Just do a few inches, have a great blow out and contemplate about the big decision some more. Take care!

  12. I’ve chopped my very long curly locks off in favour of the hairstyle Scarlett is rockin.’ Admittedly, we live in a subtropical climate, so very hot in summer…but I just love short hair. The nice thing about hair – it will grow back so you can experiment.

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