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To chop or not to chop

barbie chop2

I have been pondering new haircuts. Yah, I am deep like that.

Having stopped breastfeeding recently, my hormone levels are all over the place, which has led to a daily hair washing routine. Given the lengths of my locks, washing and drying my hair is a lengthy process – it requires time I simply don’t have. Dry shampoo is a great fall-back, however, nothing I would want to use on a regular basis. It’s heavy and dusty and makes the baby cough.

I am also bored to tears with the buttery chive-like texture of my hair. It’s straight like chives but also buttery soft – which means every attempt at adding volume is futile, especially at its current length.

So. The hair’s got to go. But where? I could grab a pair of scissors and chop it off myself a la Scarlett Johansson:

Scarlett Johansson Mango Fashion Awards 3rd Edition, held at National Art Museum of Catalonia - Arrivals Barcelona, Spain - 20.10.10 Credit: (Mandatory): Sean Thorton/

I sincerely hope she hasn’t paid anyone for this ‘cut’. The 4-yo would have happily done it for free for her.

I really like January Jones’ slightly angled Bob.


Or am I too old yet too young for a Bob? I find Bobs extremely cute on young women and very nice on older ladies. But what about the inbetweeners?

Or I could play it safe with a mid-length hairstyle a la Palermo:

olivia palermo mid length hair

I love a blunt cut like this one. Layers are massively overrated, if you ask me. They thin out fine hair like mine unnecessarily.

I am also pondering one of the bigger questions in life. Unfortunately, this one’s definitely not for sharing. Not as long as I haven’t made up my mind. And it’s killing me not to be able to discuss it here with you. 




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