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Work it, baby!

Mum and Baby Reformer Pilates

Getting back on the workout track after having a baby can be difficult for many reasons: the English summer (makes me want to stuff my face with carbs!), a lack of workout clothes*, being too tired or just too little bothered. My favourite excuse is to have no childcare in place – nine hours of weekly childcare are way too precious to be wasted exercising my gluteus maximus.

Childcare days need to be spent browsing the internet for pretty pictures to put on Pinterest working.

With the summer holidays and the threat of skimpy bikinis impending though, gaining control of the wobbly bit has become more of a pressing issue.

Thankfully *cough*, Bootcamp Pilates have added Mum & Baby sessions to their popular classes. Reformer Pilates has for a long time been my favourite form of exercise. And now I can work out, regardless of babysitter arrangements. No more mornings on the sofa with re-runs of Sex and the City, munching my way through the biscuit tin. Um… yay!

*as if


  1. Oh you’re so thin you don’t have to worry! I’ve got quite a bit of weight to lose that keeps going up and down, it’s driving me a little crazy 🙁 Good luck with your bootcamp!

  2. I have promised myself to be hoopalicious by summer (hooping is my thang), but after shoulder tendonitis for last 6 months, it’s a slow burner. Would love to try out pilates and yoga too.

    Looks like you have literally zero to go to reach your ideal weight — but I guess these things are subjective 😉 How cute is your baby model x

  3. ha ha, I am preparing a post on exactly this same subject! I am quite enjoying getting (a bit) fitter! I hope you’re managing to find your workout time amongst the pinning hours 😉

  4. Kelleyn says

    I hear you! Boy is it tough! Have fun!

  5. Ha! My excuse is being laid up for the past couple weeks with a foot injury. And while I notoriously hate exercise, I hate feeling like a blob on the couch even more. Can’t wait to get back out there!

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