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Holiday packing before and after having children

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We will be going on a little vacation soon, and whilst writing lists with things to pack, I realised how much my pre-vacation preparation routine has changed during the past couple of years.

This is your usual girlie pre vacation prep:

  • Book appointments to get legs waxed, nails done and spray tanned
  • Make list of outfits your are going to wear on vacation
  • Get summer clothes out of dry cleaning bags and polish shoes
  • Check out restaurants, bars and art galleries at destination online
  • Make a trip to Matches to stock up on missing items
  • Buy hydrating face mask, new nail polish and sugary body scrub to pamper yourself post sunbathing
  • Pack three books. Plan to buy more once you are there
  • Pack too many clothes

And this is what it has morphed into after having two children:

  • With the best intentions, book appointments to get legs waxed, nails done and spray tanned
  • Cancel appointments and swap against a rendezvous with the paediatrician to get the girls’ nasty choughs checked out. Oh, and is this some funny rash I spot on the baby’s cheek?
  • Make list of things to pack for the baby. Must. Not. Forget. Formula.
  • Try to remember where summer clothes went after the last vacation
  • Recuperate precious (not so precious anymore!) Heidi Klein sarong-turned-Little-L-riding-hood cape
  • Check out child friendly beaches, local pools and closest A&E at destination online
  • Make a trip to Petit Bateau to stock up on missing items. Not for yourself, of course
  • Buy kids’ sun lotion, arm bands and plastic toys for the beach
  • Pack a magazine. You might manage to flip through the pages and look at the pictures. Maybe
  • Pack as many clothes as the suitcase holds for the girls. Cram your own stuff into the hand luggage

Time to get the good times back. I am off to Matches now. Tah tah!


  1. Yes to all of the above! I always forget something though…husband says I can’t pack as much after short break recently…what will I be like 2 weeks away! Have fun x

  2. Hello!! Oh so true! I find the worst of all family packing scenarios is skiing where everyone needs so many items of clothing to get through the day it’s not even funny. I do wonder what on earth I did with my time pre-children and although remnants of that life are returning now that I have a 12 and 8 year old, it is still very much their needs before mine. I hope you have a good break when you go – spray-tanned or not! L x

  3. I’m busy packing at the moment and my biggest challenge is to find stuff that still fits. We are coming into the season in Chicago where no long trousers are needed, so the Little Guy has been squeaking by with trousers that are flapping around his ankles. Of course, I can’t just pack shorts for a month in England, so he’s having to try on everything before I pack it. I see a clothes-shopping trip as soon as we land!

  4. As they get older it changes again; trips to Target to make sure we have shorts and t-shirts that fit, making sure they don’t pack too many heavy toys and books in their own backpacks, which of course I will end up carrying, preloading films onto the iPad so they have enough to watch in the car to keep them quiet… goes on.

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog and am really enjoying it… our pre vacation preparation is actually quite similar, apart from legs, wax, nails, spray, face mask…

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