It never rains in Spain

the foodie larder1 Excuse me for having a bit of a weather thing going on here at the moment, but just one look out of that window makes it hard not to be very British and have a good moan about the current climate. However, as the sun is always shining somewhere else and especially in Spain, not all hope is lost.

the foodie larder2

The other day, a little bit of sunshine arrived on my doorstep, neatly bundled up in a brown cardboard box. There was chocolate & orange jam – a dark chocolate spread with real flecks of orange in it, sunflower seed breadsticks that went down easily with the Pulpo a la Gallega (Octopus Galician Style) and Alioli with extra virgin olive oil. My personal favourite in the hamper was the Chorizo Ibérico de Bellota: thinly cut cold meat that melts in the mouth like chocolate.

the foodie larder3

It was hard not to devour the lot there and then. Being a good girl though, I waited for Big M to come home and had a Spanish inspired indoor picnic with him. Needless to say he was delighted.

Our hamper was sent to us by The Foodies Larder, brainchild of Spanish/English couple Alejandra and Nick. The Spanglish duo source the items of the monthly hampers themselves, sharing their passion, love and enthusiasm for food, nutrition and cooking on their blog and with the subscribers of the monthly hampers. Subscriptions are available at £30 per months or with a £15 discount if you sign up for six months upfront.

While I loved the little picnic we had ourselves, I also think this would make a great present for new parents.




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