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Time to put on that bathing suit

speedo sculpture parade to the pool1Did the above headline fill you with dread? The good news is, you are not alone. According to new research, more than half of us will avoid going to the pool this summer, because of body image issues. How depressing is that?

It’s a sad sign of our times that four out of five women admit to putting their bodies down through ‘fat talk’. A third of us have only negative things to say about their bodies, and another third badmouth themselves on a daily basis.

speedo sculpture parade to the pool2

In a bid to change how we feel about our bodies and encourage more women to take the plunge this summer, Speedo have appointed sports TV presenter Gabby Logan as Speedo Sculpture ambassador. On the 4th of June, Gabby led a group of 40 women in the ‘Parade to the Pool’. The walk (in bathing suits!) from the Covent Garden store through the streets of London to a local pool had been completed by a marching band, ticker tape and full fanfare.

speedo sculpture parade to the pool3

A psychologist had coached the women taking part before they donned their Speedo Sculptures to strut their stuff.

speedo sculpture parade to the pool4

Top psychologist Anjula Mutanda comments: “Negative talk amongst women about our bodies and looks is so common and well practiced it seems to happen almost without thinking. It can be contagious and its easy to spread and reinforce negative messages amongst ourselves; resulting in avoidance behaviour around exposing our bodies. The good news is that we can take control and shift our mindset from negative to positive thinking. When you change how you think it will change the way you feel, and the way you behave.”

Top tips to fight ‘fat talk’ and get you parading to the pool:

  • Stay fit with exercise like swimming.  You’ll stop seeing your body as purely aesthetic and more about performance and movement
  • Don’t overthink things! When you overthink you’re more likely to stop yourself doing something. Throw off your towel and parade to the pool instead!
  • Fake it until you make it. Focus on confident body language; keep your shoulders back, make eye contact, that’s what people will remember
  • Surround yourself with positive friends and people with good self-image. Make each other feel good
  • Enhance what’s great about you. Stop looking at what you hate and start focusing on what you like
  • Don’t see your body as separate from you, it’s part of you and not your enemy
  • Manage your expectations of being judged. Most people aren’t looking anyway!
  • Build self-esteem around what you’re good at, rather than what you look like
  • Talk positively about your body in front of your children. Just as they can learn your positive habits they can learn your bad habits if you don’t
  • Keep a diary as a way to spot your negative talk

More tips on how to stop ‘fat-talk’ from Anjula Mutanda will be available on the Speedo Sculpture Facebook page.

As a special treat, I am giving away one Speedo Sculpture bathing suit. You don’t have to take part in a parade to win it – just let me know where you are going to wear it this summer. The winner will be drawn at random; draw closes on 14th of June, 2PM. 


And the winner is: Margarita from Hazel Daydreams. Congratulations, lovely! Comments are now closed.





  1. i think the fake until you make it is so true…i feel like overall if a girl is confident i admire that way more! some skinny girl looking all awkward and shy in a swimsuit makes me cringe – but if someone like me is owning it…i’d rather be them!

  2. Margarita says

    Great post about positive thinking, I often over think things and don’t end up doing them!

    I would wear the suit at the outdoor pool in Whistler 🙂

  3. Katharina says

    I like what u write about. Having had twins ( instead of “just”Baby Nr.2…!) three months ago, I have thought about (celeb)post-baby-bodies that are all over the Media & felt more and more angry about the pressure that is being on female bodies. even if u have just had a baby you should YES be a (successful working ) mom but NO, not allowed to have a body that had hosted months of pregnancy&breastfeeding. I would wear the Badeanzug next week in our holiday in the Family Hotel in the Dolomites and later on in Innsbruck! Thanks for your strong, honest female-supporting Voice in that MediaJungle!

  4. Kate Allott says

    I’d wear it in the paddling-pool!
    Chance to get out and swim on my own is something that doesn’t often happen or I’m too exhausted to go in the evening. So I mIght also wear it at Toddler Splash!

  5. “Fake it until you make it” – so true! I spent so much of my younger years dreading gym days at school, especially swim, because it meant risking embarrassment in front of a crowd of people. I’m not totally comfortable strutting my stuff just yet, but something you just have to say “screw it” and just put the dang swimsuit on 🙂

  6. Very cool! I have a love (they’re strong…)/hate (…but ugly) relationship with my legs that has coloured my attitude to swimsuits pretty much since I hit puberty. Despite that, I’m very much looking forward to hitting the brand new swimming pool in my town when it opens next month. If the sun shines this summer I *may* even brave the sea (at home in Kent or on hols in Cornwall) …

  7. Greta post. Positive attitudes towards our body is SO important for our daughters (and sons) to see. We have the biggest influence on them at the end of the day and there’s nothing worse than them hearing Mummy badmouth her body x

  8. Georgina Duncan says

    I’ll wear it running through the sprinkler, happy days 🙂

  9. I am actually looking to sign up for a swimathlon once my back is fully recovered so hopefully by september I’ll wear it for that *fingers crossed*

  10. I hate to go to the pool for this very reason, but my children won’t let me get away with it! I try to take on the Italian idea and just be proud of the body I have. You see all shapes and size of woman in Italy wear bikinis and they don’t try to cover it up!

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