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Melting like butter

Classic case of CFF (crazy feeding face). I blame it on the heatwave.

It’s so hot in London, I have resorted to wearing bikini tops and beach dresses in a quest to keep cool. Any excuse to slop around, really.

I am still in a bit of an off mode. Which is funny, given that I usually say I am going to take it easy, only to stress about a couple of days later.


For now, I am sincerely enjoying my children. We are after the small pleasures these days: ice creams, a picnic, the swings in the playground. Now that we are out of the early baby days (thank heavens!), watching my girls gives me an immense pleasure. I usually keep the really mushy stuff to myself, but too much sun on my golden locks might have destroyed something up there. So here it goes: I look at them and my heart gives a massive squeeze; and all I can do is bite my tongue not to squeal with delight at the sheer overwhelmingly cute adorability that is the two of them together. Yes, darlings, this is love. Mushy, sticky, strawberry lollipop flavoured love.

banana monkey

Apart from cooing over my brood, I have also been doing maintenance work whenever a willing babysitter has been at hand (thank you, Big M!). Meaning: I have frequented my favourite Pilates place, had a massage and a couple of rendezvouses at the nail salon. I have also been taking my supplements religiously, and voila, haven’t seen the faintest bit of PMS lately. Aka I am in an annoyingly excellent mood.

More reasons to be cheerful: We only have got a few more weeks to go until summer holidays. Three weeks of beach, pool and BBQs. Then big school for Lil’ L and nursery for the Pea. La rentree is going to be grande for me this year. For the first time since Peadom, I am going to have time to myself on a regular basis. Reliable childcare. Three mornings a week. Every week.

I’ve got plans for September. Assuming that by then my brain will have reinstated a consistency other than melted butter, I shall commence my new book project. Exciting times ahead.

What have you been up to in the sweltering summer heat?


  1. None of this will be taken as a complaint 🙂 I am soaking up every little damn ray of sunshine to make up for the lack of it in May and June 🙂 Your girls are precious and so happy you are starting to find balance!

  2. It is hot but I guess we shouldn’t complain! well as you know last weekend I was out in the countryside and this weekend I was down in Brighton hosting a babyshower- baking Nigella’s devil’s food cake at 1am on Friday night was a good way of keeping cool (not!). Next weekend I’m going to a festival (though it’s pending more dental surgery) – it would be nice to have some time in London while the weather is nice! day off?!

  3. So happy to see how much happier you are feeling. Happiness all round! xx

  4. Isn’t a great to actually feel like we are having a summer!

  5. So fab to read. Had a fab holiday and returned with new perspective too, a more structured work plan and like you just enjoying the kids and sunshine! Sun (and pmt fighting vits) make life good don’t they x

  6. Kate Allott says

    Great to hear so much positivity! And I completely get that feeling with my J.
    Too hot for me without a pool to dunk in, plus I’m pregnant – finally!!!! J is 4 1/2 now so it’s taken much longer than we thought, but that’s our seriously exciting summer news!
    Enjoy your hols x

  7. Kelleyn says

    So happy you are having a wonderful summer! Nothing wrong within wearing beach clothes!

  8. I knew you would start felling better before too long! I’d love to go a month without PMS…infact I’d love to go a month without a period lol
    I agree it is far too warm, I’ve been sweltering in our flat xx

  9. Well, it looks like you are getting organised and it is great!
    As for me, everything is a bit up in the air. We might go back to France for some more hols, but maybe not. My daughter is waiting to see whether she will do an athletic camp. I can’t wait for the school to start again to have some more me time!

  10. You sound much happier, that’s so good to hear 🙂

    Your girls are beautiful too!!

    It is hot…and super-hot is never good in London!! Xx

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