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Postcards from France

St Tropez 2013 - 155

Salut mes petits cochons, it’s me, Mademoiselle Met. I am still here, still in France, albeit a little more pureed dans la tete than I was before. What can I say, it’s hot down here and the availability of un verre de rosé (or two, or three) at lunch (and dinner, and in between) doesn’t help matters.

St Tropez 2013 - 435

Petite Pea turned 11 months. We celebrated with her first ever chocolate pudding

As usual, it’s gorgeous in the South of France, and I keep on asking myself why again we have to live in London. Don’t get me wrong, London is great, I love the big smoke, yadi yadi blah blah and all that jazz. But wouldn’t it be nice to have it both? Spend the summer here (and by that she means June to September) and the rest in the city?

Linguine a la fruits de mer at Moorea Plage. The best you'll ever try

Linguine a la fruits de mer at Moorea Plage. The best you’ll ever try

As usual, we are not doing much: beach, pool, shopping (mainly food), eating and sleeping. It’s nice to know you did all the things you wanted to do and still have a couple of days left to play with the water hose. (The girls are ecstatic. Water hose. Best. Thing. Ever.).

The excitement of playing with a water hose. Priceless!

Never mind that there’s the beach AND a pool

I even chose my annual Gas Bijoux bracelets. I tend to get three each year and don’t take them off until they need replacement the following summer. But more of that later, my lovelies. Must top up suncream now. Bisous!


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