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Run Baby Run

run baby run

I’ve got a lot on my mind at the moment; stuff I would love to talk about but really can’t. Stuff I’d love to get away from sometimes. So much that it’s driven me to extremes: I have taken up running again.  

I used to love running. I would run in the rain, in the snow, on ice and under the scorching hot sun. You can run in almost any weather, and apart from the initial cost of trainers and a pair of good socks (=no blisters!), it’s for free.

I love being outdoors, I love working up a sweat, and I love the aspect of getting away from things. Running is running away in the best sense of the word. The repetitiveness of running is also very calming. Running is meditation for hyperactive people.

My love affair with running used to be profound. Until I became pregnant.

I had a baby, became pregnant again, had another baby and somewhere between moving house twice, wiping bottoms and clinging on to who I am, my running shoes got lost.

I bought a new pair. They are shiny and squishy and make you feel like jumping on a cloud. They are also a little bit neon pink and a fit bloke told me they’d be good for me.

In the past two weeks, I have been out running three times and will be out again tomorrow morning. It clears my head like nothing else can.

When in doubt: run. 


  1. Yes girlfiend. Totally agree. I too have fairly new pink trainers and I went out a few months ago and bought lots of new sportswear. Really got me motivated. Haha, shopping does that to me whatever the task ahead! Seriously though running and vitamin B6 to combat my PMT is really helping me cope with these two little people, do you think we creatives need that release. That endorphin kick is addictive…nearly as much as dark chocolate x

  2. Good for you. Sounds just like the ‘me’ time you need.

    I started running one year ago – I’d never been a runner (apart from a quick sprint for the bus or tube in my London days) and so this was a huge change for me. It started with few laps around the park instead of the boring treadmill in the gym on a hot summer day. It felt good, and a few laps turned into a few kilometers and in March I ran the Shamrock St Patrick’s Day 8k run here in Portland, and last Saturday the 8k Race for the Cure (knocking 4 minutes off my best time – whoop whoop!). I enjoy the alone time. Sometimes a listen to music, but mostly not. Occasionally with a friend, but mostly just me and my thoughts. Oh yes, and I too have a lovey bright orange pair of Nike Free! Having some good gear makes all the difference!

  3. Hope they help you clear your mind and bring peace to your heart. Hope you are OK and just incase sending you good thoughts and a hug from Atlanta, Georgia. Kelleyn

  4. I kept up running in between pregnancies and now i have two tiny people to look after i really appreciate the time alone and if i time it just right i can miss out on two nappy changes.

  5. That last line was interesting: When in doubt, run.
    But that’s just me reading into things (I’m too immersed in writing at the moment, I think, to read things at face value.)
    I love to cycle through the country lanes near my home. Fresh air, wind on my face, returning home almost exhausted. Feeling elated.
    Happy running! xox

  6. Hello! I am so with you – taking up running again after a break. It’s like the friend you can always go back to. There is no question it clears your head and tones the body more than (for me) any other activity. I hope that things you’re wanting a break from aren’t getting you down too much. Lou x

  7. Blerrgh… I do not like running…
    To the grand dam of my lovely husband who runs at least twice a week, if not more. I walk the dog, that’s about the same isn’t it?
    Glad you find an escape though, and whatever is bothering you at the moment will hopefully go *poof* vanished! Is little L enjoying her French school?

  8. I am an avid runner too. I truly believe running is what keeps me sane. When I don’t get my run (or workout) I am a complete stress-bitch-basket case.

    Happy trails!

  9. Hi! Actually, you are probably thinking of Adelaide and she turned two in June, but you may have missed the news that we are adopting and the little girl who we have named Avery will turn 2 on Thursday. We will be flying to China sometime between Christmas and January to pick her up.

  10. you’ve been hanging out with Mrs B too long…
    joke aside, I hope all is well with you and that running helps getting it away from it all a bit xx

  11. Go for it! I haven’t been able to run for a year but I absolutely loved it – clears your head like nothing else. I live in hope that I can take it up again.

  12. I run. Well I shuffle. I have been shuffling for a 2 years on and off. Mostly off. But I enjoy what I do. It us good for cheating your mind. -HMx who hadn’t got such nice trainers

  13. Running IS meditation for hyperactive people! What a great way to put it! I would lose my precarious grip on my sanity without it, most definitely, and I’ve only got the one toddler. I suppose I’ll need to run twice as far if/when another comes along 🙂

  14. I never ever got the running thing. Then, recently, we started walking to school. And being late. And having to run. And now I get the addiction. Totally. I’m with you on this one- a great way to lose yourself. Or in your case, find yourself again!

  15. Running is the perfect medicine. I bought some super new trainers a couple of months ago and have slowly being getting back into running. It’s amazing the feeling you get from that little bit of freedom, me time and fresh air x

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