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Mummy’s going to… Thailand


The one thing I miss most since becoming a mother is having time. Time to myself, time to think, time to do nothing. Nothing in this sense includes reading a book, having a hot cup of coffee and, oh the glamour, going to the toilet alone.


What a precious present though to be sent on a spa/yoga/detox trip to Koh Samui. It was my husband’s Christmas present to me last year, and vice versa. Big M went in March, coming back all zen and detox’ed, trying to talk me out of my wine o’clock habit. Not a chance in hell. However, his week-long visit to Kamalaya has had a long lasting impression on him. So much that he finds more solace in meditating than watching Top Gear and still sticks to drinks at weekends only. Well, mostly anyway.


I have been asked if I wouldn’t miss my children. Of course, I am going to miss my children. And my husband. What really annoys me about this question is the slightly accusing undertone of ‘how on earth can you leave your children behind’. I assume the answer is ‘just like my husband did’.

I am refusing to let Mother’s Guilt ruin this trip. I will come back refreshed, with a clear head and, hopefully, with clear skin. And I’ll write postcards.


  1. This sounds like an amazing plan. Take me with you! Have a fab time, no need to feel any guilt. You need to nurture yourself in order to nurture your children. xx

  2. Ulli says

    Guilt free, my friend. Guilt free. Those folks need to get off their high horse 😉

  3. Rachel says

    I am just at the stage of adjusting to my baby crawling and standing. It is stressful, I miss ‘me time’, exactly like you wrote above!! I am trying to enjoy the last few months before back to work begins, but I am looking forward to it, I am also nervous about how, with job, baby and life, where my ‘ me time’ will fit? If it doesn’t fit now, when will it fit!?

  4. Of course you’ll miss them but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time out to recharge and refresh – have a wonderful time, think of home infrequently and relish time spent doing something for you

  5. Great retort to a stupid question. Why shouldn’t you have a treat? What an awesome location. I thought I was lucky going to a spa near Winchester last weekend ha ha! -HMx

  6. I say ”go for it” and forget mother’s guilt. It will be wonderful. IYou’re children aren’t going to be harmed by you being away for a week and I actually believe that doing things that can be as beneficial as what this sounds it will be like, is actually in your children’s favour. As mums, we need to look after ourselves in order to look after our children.

  7. Have a wonderful time recharging your batteries. I find yoga a bit boring but I expect it’s supposed to be!!

  8. Oh I am so jealous of you, darling! I hope you come back feeling refreshed and looking 10 years younger! They won’t even think you to be a mother when you return!

  9. Kate Allott says

    What a great present and about time you took your trip! Enjoy the peace and quiet, thinking space and sense of freedom. Others above are right – Big M will have a great time with his girls and it’ll do them good too. Don’t do too much while you’re there xxx

  10. How wonderful – I hope you have the most relaxing time every in the history of relaxation. You deserve it my friend! And ignore the pointed remarks – it’s just crazy. When you leave your family behind for a long period, there’s a literal ache in your tummy and you miss them SO much. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go away and take time for you.
    Sending Zen like thoughts and a hug
    A xxx

  11. This sounds like bliss and you are so right, you shouldn’t feel guilty. We all deserve our own time as well. Enjoy darling xx

  12. I would be off like a shot given the chance. No guilt. Love and miss my kids and the Huzz, but they would survive and I would return refreshed and looking forward to seeing them. Have a wonderful time.

  13. so how was it??? i hope you didn’t feel the mom guilt. i’ve taken a couple trips without the wes and it was wonderful and then i was thankful to be back with him. i think time apart is needed!

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