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Family portraits

caramel baby and child shooting1

While we have tons of gorgeous pictures of our girls, there is not a single one of us as a family. When Petite Pea’s nursery asked for a family portrait, I had to give them two – one of Big M and the girls and one of myself holding our offspring. Big M commented that people must think we were divorced.

caramel baby and child shooting2

Hence, despite my husband’s insistence he’d be much better behind the camera than in front, we recently headed to Caramelbaby & Child for one of their brilliant photo shootings.

Lil’ L and I had our pictures taken by photographer Nana Varveropoulou before when I was five months pregnant with the Pea. We have been super happy with the results – going back for more (and with many more people!) was the best choice we could have made.

caramel baby and child shooting3

Nana has a real talent to make a photo shooting fun, short-lived and exciting. The kids played along nicely and even Big M didn’t throw a strop. Result!

Caramelbaby & Child, 77 Ledbury Road, W11 2AG London, 020 7727 0906

We paid £200 for a 40 minute shoot, 10” x 12” print and a CD containing the high and low res images from the shoot. Disclosure: NOT a sponsored post.



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