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Amazing how with two little children, you easily become a couch potato, skimming through a copy of Time Out with your feet on the coffee table, not really giving a toss what the world around you has on offer. It’s a rather sad state of affairs, given that we are living in London, Metropolis and most exciting city of the Western European hemisphere. Constantly staying in in London has the propensity to make you feel old and inadequate. You get all the downsides that living in The Big Smoke brings for a young family, but don’t enjoy the upsides.


So. We re-introduced the magic concept of Date Night. Five months after Lil’ L was born, we established a weekly date night routine that worked perfectly fine until I was 37 weeks pregnant with the Pea. We knew that ‘going out’ would take a backseat on our priorities list. We didn’t anticipate that ‘going out’ would fall off the earth.

It’s hard to get back into your high heels, squeeze into your skinnies and slap on the scarlet red lipstick when all you want to do is snuggle up on the sofa. But it’s so worth it!

We are now well into week 4 of regular dates, and we are loving it. Not so much the wee hours in the morning of the night before, but overall, we are loving it. It’s great to see friends without kids ruining every conversation (sorry, but that’s what they do). And it’s great to spend time with Big M alone, far away from tax files, bedtime routines and washing up duties.

Our best date so far: drinks at Soho House followed by dinner at Bam-Bou, a small Thai/Vietnamese restaurant off Charlotte Street in Soho.

London, we are back.

Bam-Bou, 1 Percy Street, London W1T 1DB, Tel.: 020 7323 9130


  1. sounds fabulous, good for you both, sounds very romantic

    let me know if you want to go on a girls night out soon too- I still have a birthday present for you! x

  2. Tssss…. Western European hemisphere. Dass ich nicht lache.
    Come to the capital of Scandinavia and I will show you where the cupboard stands. As the Vikings elegantly put it.

  3. That sounds so lovely and fun! We also try to go one date nights, but they are about once every two to three weeks, and more often we end up going to a local pub – so not glamorous. But occasionally we trek into the city and have a fabulous time!

  4. We need more of those nights out too – doesn’t every parent?! I do love to get in my heels and be away from the home and kids and somewhere else other than the sofa after 9pm! Enjoy.

  5. You go girl! Every time I shoe horn myself into tight skirt and stilettos for a night on the razzle dazzle I end up with blistered feet but a glow you only get from having a good time sans bambinos.

  6. Elsie Button says

    Whoopeeeee!! And now I’m feeling envious – I am missing those fun date nights in London. Glad you’ve picked it up again, it’s so easy not too xxx

  7. Yay! that is so cool. In London we used to do the date night thing two to three times a week. got a babysitter at 5pm so we didn’t have to do the bed bath and beyond. I would look forward to it all day and it got me through the 50,000 zoo-museum visit.

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