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15 ways to wear a scarf


Ever wondered how to wear a scarf without looking like a) trying to strangle yourself or b) going on a trip to the Antarctic? Wonder no more. My friend Emily has founded Candid Threads – an online mecca for scarf enthusiasts. Not only can you buy beautiful scarves at Candid Threads, in a matter of minutes, you can also learn how to wear them. Enjoy!

And tomorrow: more about Candid Threads and the chance to win a scarf.


  1. Great video. I’ve just been watching it with my 9 year old daughter. Quite an education.

    I’ve never thought about this before, but do you think that women with long hair look better in scarves than women with short hair?

  2. @Iota: Mhm. Good question… I think anything up to Bop-long hair is ideal for scarves. Any longer and it just ends up being a tangled pile of hair, scarf and – in my case – hooded jacket.

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