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There must be some truth to it if it’s written on a T-shirt, right? Sorry, I just couldn’t resist. I had a couple of lousy days with one child vomiting, another one having a bit of an attitude problem (is puberty at four years of age possible?), a nanny on holiday, schools off for Christmas (since more than a week!) and a husband M.I.A. (Sweden). 

I might only dabble in freelance work here and there, but the past days have once again shown me how much work is my haven, my saviour, my lifeline. Hats off to all the fulltime stay-at-home mothers. How do you do it? I’d go completely bonkers.


  1. Kate Allott says

    You nearly did go completely bonkers!
    Hope all better soon. Happy Christmas! X

  2. We do go bonkers. I’m so loving being back at work – though now I don’t have any time.

    Bonkers with time. Or not bonkers with no time. It’s a tough call.

  3. I am going completely bonkers at the moment too!! Baby vomiting-check, pre-teen attitude problems – check! My youngest is peak teething at the moment and has had high temperature, being sick when he has bottle and just nooo sleep at the same time as my two older boys are having sooo much going on this last week of school (and my 10 year old started to be like a teenager suddenly). Luckily my 6 year old has been a dream (he probably realised he had to, bless him!) Christmas shopping and Christmas preparations had to be put a side a bit this week…could i move Christmas a couple of weeks??? Need time..and my sanity back! Thanks for a great blog and nice to hear Im not the only one…xx

  4. Was having this exact same discussion with a working mum friend of mine too. I need my work, it keeps me sane. So many SAHM’s are working freelance too. I’ve always known I needed to work, two kids full time definitely would drive me mad!

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