Mummy stuff

Stuff Lil’ L (4) says

Lil L hot chocolate2Lil’ L: And if I have a baby boy, I am going to call him Jesus. Jesus is a nice name (pauses). I know, (face lights up) and when he’s dead, he’s going to have another little angel Jesus to play with in the sky (beams). They’re going to have so much fun.


Lil’ L: When I am big, I want to be like you Mummy.
Me: Awww. Really?
Lil’ L: No. I just want your clothes.


When passing Winter Wonderland: Mummyyyy, can we go on the Rollertoaster?


Lil’ L (sings): And when I am big I am going to marry Papa, lalalalala. Lalalalala lalala lala (gets quieter). Lala la (pauses. Frowns) but Papa is already married to you (wails)… and he’s going to be old when I am big, and then I have got no one to marry (bursts into tears)… and where are we going to find a Prince for me? I have never even seen a Prince… bwuahaha wahahala da ma Prince (howls something unidentifiable).


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