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The Savoy, Rupert Everett’s little brother and a dozen oysters

savoy london1Thanks to the reintroduction of Date Night and also because we had a special event to celebrate, we visited a London landmark location that so far had been off our radar. The Savoy is one of these places everybody knows in London but few actually frequent. Maybe because it seems too obvious, too touristy (it’s a hotel, after all), or maybe a little too stuffy. Turns out, it’s neither of the above.

savoy london2

We had drinks at the American Bar first, closely watching the bartender do his magic. I can recommend The Expressionist, a cocktail designed for Claude Monet. Or was it The Impressionist designed for Henri Matisse? I can’t remember. I have been way too spellbound by the rose in smoking waters, eagerly sipping my rose flavoured champagne cocktail while fixing my gaze on Rupert Everett’s extremely cute and slightly younger lookalike.

savoy london3

Dinner at Gordon Ramsay’s Savoy Grill was a surprisingly and very enjoyable down to earth affair. We had a dozen rock oysters, which were gorgeous and creamy and outright massive. Followed by frill- and fuss-free steaks with sauce béarnaise, handcut chips and wilted spinach, a slice of beautiful hazelnut cream millefeuille for dessert and a sweet little compliment from the kitchen, we left the Savoy feeling happy and stuffed.

savoy london4

If you are looking for an upmarket place to treat someone to a great meal without all the chichi, fru fru or pseudo hipsterdom, the Savoy is without a doubt recommendable.

The Savoy, Strand, London WC2R 0EU, Tel.: 0207 8364 343


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