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The world’s wonkiest gingerbread house

Gingerbread House2

There is a reason I am not bestowing self-made gifts upon my loved ones: I really suck at crafty things. Nevertheless, I am not self-conscious enough to keep all the fun (sticky glue! paper snippets sticking to your socks! oh YAY, the fun!!) from Lil’ L. And so I set out to bake a gingerbread house. Or rather: I went to the big Swedish shop and bought a flatpack, in true Swedish style.

My aversion against all things crafty is so serious, the flatpack has been collecting dust on the top shelf of my kitchen cupboard for the past 12 months. But as my firstborn not only got my blonde mane but also my painstakingly accurate memory of an elephant when it comes to entirely useless things (never worked on Latin vocabulary, bummer!), conveniently forgetting about it was out of question.

Gingerbread House3

In a short-lived bout of craft confidence, I asked myself ‘how hard can this really be?’ and rolled up my sleeves. It went downhill from there. The eggs where too eggy, the icing sugar wayyyyyy too dusty, the icing too runny, the house too wonky, icing on my fingers, icing between my fingers, icing in my hair, icing everywhere, damn bloody stupid icing underneath my feet…

Somehow we came out the other end fairly unscathed and although wonky, the Gingerbread house is still standing. And whilst the side Lil’ L decorated looks cute and as if out of a kid’s fairy tale, mine looks like something out of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. Crafty Schmafty.


  1. We did exactly the same today, with the exact same flatpack gingerbread house and the exact same icing frustration 😉

    Unfortunately our chimney didn’t escape unscathed though. I felt we’d put so much hard work into the endeavour we deserved a reward x

  2. Well done you two! I am def in the camp of averse to crafts, am happy to take them to courses and programs but I’m always thinking about the mess afterwards…mind you my husband is the worst, we’re having a soccer team and families around this arvo and he fries up the fattiest bacon ever and leaves splatter matter extending to the other coast.

  3. Hmmm…. I think our experience with the flat pack gingerbread house may have been worse! After painstakingly putting it together, with icing dripping everywhere and heavily ladden with candy, we left it to set firm. Ten minutes later we returned to the kitchen to find the whole thing had come unstuck and slipped onto the floor in a broken messy gingerbread pile! Never again!

  4. Lucie says

    Oh dear! I have this in my cupboard, ready to assemble with my twin girls. Experience warns me Christmas baking with small children is never as idyllic as you imagine! Wish me luck ????

  5. Hahah-“I rolled up my sleeves and it went downhill from there”. Cracked me up. Love you! You so need to link up to #tastytuesdays tomorrow, flatpack or not, it looks wonderful to me!

  6. I am also crap at crafts, and the gingerbread house we made two years ago was far, far worse than yours….the roof actually slid off the thing the next day, so we were left with a kind of ruin.

  7. I totally love the fact that Ikea does ‘flat packed’ gingerbread houses! Who ever knew? Lil’ L looks like she is concentrating so hard, I love it! (and I am glad that my kid is severely allergic to eggs and nuts as this is something I am happy to be off my to do list) x

  8. I think it turned out great and I bet your little girl thinks so too. I bet she enjoyed the one on one time with you even more.

  9. The Gingerbread House looks so good! I’m sure your daughter is very proud of herself 🙂 Memories to cherish!

    Love & Kisses xoxo

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