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A burger and a pint of milk


Because Lil’ L was dead set on making snow angels and getting to see some kind of real life Winter Wonderland (I blame it on Disney’s Frozen), I took her to Sweden last weekend. Luckily, it started snowing the day before we left London and didn’t stop for the whole weekend – i.e. snow angles, roly-polies and frostbites galore. Seriously, who’d have thought of packing long johns not only for their offspring but for themselves, too? Not me. 

Picture perfect Winter Wonderland

Picture perfect Winter Wonderland

I had booked a meeting with the company who are going to build our house. I thought we were going to have a look at the final plans and also discuss the overall budget. Neither happened, however, I am now in the possession of first-hand experience of the Swedes’ inability to say no. If, for example, you email someone, kindly asking if a budget would be ready to discuss by the end of the week, and said person either emails back saying ‘I’ll try my best’ or completely ignores the question, all they want to say is NO WAY.

You might feel a little like left hanging in thin air mid high five when you realise that none of the great plans you had in mind will be put into action. But as soon as you have overcome feeling like Tom Brady (see above), your opposite will most likely swiftly move on and suggest Fika, a meal consisting of a hot drink and a sweet pastry. Nothing that can’t be overcome by coffee and cinnamon buns.

Courtesy of two hotties

Courtesy of two hotties

Speaking of Swedish customs and curiosities – what is it with grown people and milk? Our Swedish nanny likes milk with her dinner, which I had written off as a personal oddity. However, the more time I spend up North, the more milk-drinking grown-ups I come across. Like the two (kinda hot) guys at the airport, devouring a meal of burgers and fries, which was washed down with a pint of milk. Ick. Is it just me? Or is this maybe the secret to Nordic beauty?


  1. Ha! I’d never thought about the milk but that’s completely true! I’ve also never known a country have coffee available quite so everywhere- literally every corner type shop has fresh coffee… I put it down to the cold. The milk is less easy to fathom!

    It looks delightfully Wintery there!

  2. Big M says

    Ohh @Rose they tricked you! The coffee is an excuse to drink milk. ‘Double Venti None Coffee wet Cappuchino extra hot’ sounds all grown up, but is just a bucket full of milk….

  3. Ick indeed…I don’t really like milk! And since when do you notice hot guys at the airport? I usually am in automatic mode at airports and don’t notice anything. What is wrong with me ?

  4. They LOVE their milk. My husband drinks milk ALL THE TIME. in fact back in the (good old) early days, he once drank milk on a date. While I had a glass of wine. He swears that’s why Swedes are so tall and good-looking. To which I like to point out the obvious exceptions to the latter.

  5. I love the picture of your daughter in the snow! What a great idea to have a second home in Sweden! As for milk, I hate the stuff so I’d be just as puzzled as you are

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