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Eat anything you want


With January almost done and dusted and the beginning of February looming, chickening out of your New Year’s resolutions is an almost certainty. By the end of this month, about 35% of all our resolutions will have been broken. By the summer, more than half of all resolutions will have gone out of the window. For most of us, eating healthily has been topping the list. If only we knew how easy it was, we’d all succeed.

I came across this little video via A Cup of Jo. The main takeaway (ha!) is that you can eat anything you want and eat healthily – as long as it’s home cooked.

With food corporations adding more sugar, fat and salt than necessary to increase ‘cravability’ (read: likelihood to be addictive), home cooking as the healthier option makes total sense.

What’s cooking at yours tonight?


  1. Being used to eating/cooking a Mediterranean diet, seeing all this processed food makes me sick. It’s good to raise awareness about that and make people understand the harm they’re doing themselves (physically & mentally too).

  2. I’m out tonight- which is great but also a problem- last night I had wonton soup at home. If I’m home it’s home cooked virtually all the time but sometimes it is a fresh soup which though you can look out for low calorie ones can be high in salt etc.

    Cooking for one can be an issue- you have the same thing 3 nights in a row or you do end up spending a bit more (going to Whole Foods after work to buy dinner is great but also not ideal for the wallet- still I did a great chicken thigh, mushroom and spinach stiry fry last week for under £6, unusual for there).

  3. But can I have a cupcake though? But yes, I guess it goes without saying, that if you eat fresh, home cooked food, lots of veg etc, then you can eat anything. Be gone processed food!

  4. Too true, as an article I read recently said any meal in a restaurant has incredible amounts of salt and butter, much more than you would ever realise

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  6. I LOVE this – and totally buy into it. (Mind you, I have to, living where we do scratch cooking is the order of they day. I’m sure we’re all healthier for it).

  7. I am trying to do home-cooked meals but still have to lose some weight. Sigh. Must try harder…

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