New Year – same old me

The Pea wants to brush up on her writing skills in 2014

The Pea wants to brush up on her writing skills in 2014

I don’t believe in drastic New Year’s resolutions. 2014 is going to be the year of little changes: a little bit healthier, a little gentler. A little bit more compassionate, a little less stuff. A little plot of land, a little big building project coming up. A new book, a little bit more published, please. A lot, lot, lot to blog about.

What about you? Happy New Year to you all! xx


  1. Sounds like a perfect year ahead! Exciting times! Blogged about my own hopes too! Happy New Year lovely lady x

  2. Happy new year! Sounds like lots of interesting new things are on the horizon. I’m hoping for a slower, calmer year and one with more time to enjoy the little things.

  3. Happy New Year Deborah. Hope you had a lovely holiday.
    p.s turns out we cant change the fridge/freezer after all. Would be great to have you at our next coffee morning. X

  4. Happy new year Deborah! I have given up new year resolutions. This year, I want to take it easy and be happier…how does it sound?

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