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Snogs and Skating

Westfield Ice Rink1

To mark the last day of her first winter half-term as a reception year student, I took Lil’ L ice skating at Westfield today. I have been taking her to various rinks all around town for the past two years, and the big advantage of Westfield is that it’s indoors. No soggy bottoms when your bum hits the ice. Merry Berry would be pleased.

Westfield Ice Rink2

They also have plenty of penguins and seals for rent – which means the amount of time I spent bent over, schlepping a 20-kilo kid over the slippery surface, has been limited.

Westfield Ice Rink3

We went for a couple of snogs afterwards to put a cherry on our mini girlie getaway. Lil’ L had chocolate with smarties and marshmallows, and I opted for the original version with agave syrup. I like my snogs plain like that.


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