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st lucia3

Just a little note to let you know a) I am still here, b) I still love you and c) you guys are fantastic!*

st lucia2

After a rocky start to our little vacation – the 24 hour vomiting bug had travelled with us – we have now well and truly arrived in paradise. As I am typing this, Big M has been stung on the lip by an exotic insect and has started to develop a bit of a trout pout. Remind me never to try fillers.

*Thank you so much for all of you who nominated this blog (again!) for the MAD Blog awards. Nominations are still open, if you fancy having a look at it, follow this link. So far Metropolitan Mum has been nominated in the categories Best Homes & Interiors Blog and Most Innovative Blog. I wouldn’t mind a nomination in the category Best Writer or Most Entertaining, either. Just saying… 😉 


  1. Honest Mum says

    Already voted for you darling! Hols looks amazing. Glad you guys are better & hope Big M is ok x

  2. Bug M says

    Lip hurts like crazy! Some weird bug….

    Maybe nominate in best photography and best for buns and cakes?

  3. Lucky you! Not the sickness bug or Big Ms lip … but it looks like paradise! Loving the photos xxx

  4. cheryl says

    Been reading your blog for a couple years now, always check it out at least once a week as I enjoy your honest approach to being a mum!

    Been having a naff few weeks and finding it all so hard, 18months old and a 4 year old. I thought they said it gets easier?????? Um nope…..

    I am soooo envious about your hols! I desp need one but no money no holiday! Oh well

    Maybe in a few months!

    Enjoy your hols!!! Looks amazing!

    Piccies pls!!!!


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