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London coffee spots: Jamie Oliver’s Recipease

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I am all for a red cup with an unpronounceable long name to it, as long as it’s got my name written all over it. But sometimes, I just need to step away from the corporate coffee chains and go for the real deal: a local cafe, where the bread is freshly baked and the soups are cooked on site.

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Jamie Oliver’s Recipease in Notting Hill isn’t really a hidden gem – with its large glass front and its corner position on Notting Hill Gate and Pembridge Road it practically jumps at you. Also, Jamie Oliver isn’t really a small local coffee shop owner; it’s an international TV/DVD/multi zillion book deal/cookery accessories and food education brand. However, they have somehow managed to keep a very local and genuine feel to their cafes and restaurants.

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Maybe it’s because their dishes come on chunky pottery rather than plastic boxes, maybe it’s because their cakes and pastries taste authentically homemade, or maybe it’s because there is a certain, distinct Jamie Oliver atmosphere about the place. Take the loos, for example. Made by Thomas Crapper. Typical Essex boy toilet humour.

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My favourite dishes: carrot pancakes and eggs & soldiers. Favourite drinks: beet squeeze (a smoothie with banana and beetroot) and fresh mint tea. Served in a chunky little teapot, of course.

Recipease92-94 Notting Hill Gate, London W11 3QB, Tel.: 0203 375 5398


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