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Seven years ago


It was untypically mild on that Saturday in London seven years ago today. Big M and I met up in Hyde Park and went for a walk, followed by coffee at Ottomezzo on Westbourne Grove (they have since moved to Thackeray Street in Kensington). We shared a packet of Haribos (the remains of it live in a little box in my dressing table), a glass of wine and a couple of kisses. The rest is history.

We’ve come a long way in seven short years: three countries, three houses (and that’s just the shared ones), a wedding, two pregnancies and two beautiful children. Of course, there are moments when I am tired and exhausted and snappier than I’d like to, but more often than that, there are moments when I look at him and think ‘yes, I’d go out with you again’.

They say opposite attracts but I am quite attracted to thinking alike on so many levels. For example, we are both introverts with only a few very good friends around us. Neither of us depends on other peoples’ judgement, and both of us are no nonsense kind of people. It’s always been like that – but maybe we are growing even closer over time, a bit like dog owners who start to resemble their dogs? I wouldn’t mind to become more like my husband. I’d stop at the hairline though.

I love you, Big M. Let’s grow old together.


  1. Just beautiful! Love this post and you both take no nonsense. As I’ve gotten older, I definitely keep my circle smaller, everyone that I need right here, Happy Anniversary x

  2. Happy Anniversary! I think my husband wishes I was more introverted like him! Sometimes I push him to his limit of human interaction, but I have learned in 17 years of marriage that I am OK to go it alone. I don’t need him to be by my side every minute of the day. I like that he doesn’t mind me doing my own thing. Wishing you many happy years to come!

  3. Such a sweet post! Happy Anniversary to you and your husband.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I hope you have some luck finding stumps in your area!!

  4. Soooo sweet! Happy Anniversary! And yes I do think over time (particularly happy) couples start to look like each other, like dog-owners. My husband and I look very very similar so it even shocked my mum first time she met him! He looks more like a brother to me than my brother…freaky..I know…x

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