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Up all night

2014 st lucia 10

We are back – and with us the dreaded jet lag. Funnily (not really funny) though, it seems to only have affected the Pea. Whilst the rest of the family could happily snooze day & night, the Pea wakes every couple of hours with a startled scream, yelling at the top of her lungs. With every scream, I am up on my feet, stumbling through the dark hallway, only to come to a halt in front of her door, hand hovering over the door handle, listening to… nothing. 

PicMonkey st lucia2

I am catapulted back to those very early weeks. Not in a good way. I am tired. I am grouchy. And I am 150% sure I don’t need another baby. 

picmonkey st lucia1

Still, jet lag or not, the trip to St Lucia was absolutely worth it. And whilst I am curing my Pea-induced jet lag, I am treating you to a couple of pretty pictures and favourite Kreyol phrases. You’re welcome.

Mwen vle bon bon = I want cake (extremely useful!)

Mwen vle pe’cho ek be = I want hot bread with butter (maybe even more useful)

Mwen ka gwo bonda = I’ve got a big booty (too much cake and bread with butter?)



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