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Simple pleasures

yoga poses

  1. Buying too many bananas on a Monday, so you HAVE TO bake banana bread by the end of the week*
  2. Blowing bubbles in the bath
  3. Getting your heels down easily in downward dog
  4. Pinterest
  5. Starting the day with a glass of water and a few squeezes of fresh lime
  6. Putting moisturizer on your feet before you go to bed – softer feet than any pedicure if you do this every night
  7. Spraying your yoga mat with home-made mat cleaner**
  8. Apple and cinnamon tea
  9. Announcing the winner of a fantastic giveaway:

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 11.13.41

Congratulations, Rose! And have a very happy week to all of you. xx

*Recipe to follow

**Get a pump spray bottle and fill with one cup of distilled water. Add 4-5 drops of tea tree oil and a couple of drops of orange blossom oil. I also use this to clean toys that go into Petite Pea’s mouth

Image: Flickr/ Lyn Tally


  1. Oh lovely post and moisturised feet are the way forward! I have a simple loves style post in my drafts, I must go live about-currently mid house move and trying to meet deadlines whiles packing-cannot wait until life gets simple again (am loving it though) x

  2. Why have i not tried apple and cinnamon tea before! :O definitely getting onto this.

  3. All lovely things. Simple Pleasures today are blowing bubble with my daughters! A happy 11 year because I made sugar cookies. 84 degrees and sunny. Playing at the park. Getting kissed. 2 two year olds fast asleep by 7:00pm.

  4. Hi Rachel – I brought home a couple of boxes of Celestials’ Cinnamon and Apple tea. I am not sure what I am going to do when I run out. Cry, most likely 😉

  5. What amazing tips! I made banana bread on Sunday after abel and cole delivered a large fruit box by mistake, naughty way to be healthy I guess! I long for the day my heels touch the floor…practice practice practice

  6. Your spray idea for cleaning toys is great! I don’t own a yoga mat, but we do have a lot of plastic tat. I’ve just discovered Twinings green tea with lychee and mango – it’s rather good…

  7. You can get your heels down in downward dog? Impressive. And you have reminded me to clean my mat too. I hope you got my little book, and that you liked it! X

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