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Stories from the yoga path: pants and knickers

bikram yoga

In my quest to become an avid yogi, I am trying styles and classes I have previously ignored. Like hot yoga. Because who in their right mind would want to exercise in tiny pants? Unless they are ridiculously fit and incredibly confident, maybe. I am neither.

But once I had gotten my head around the benefits of hot yoga, I was (almost) sold.

Hot yoga is a little less hot than the better-known Bikram yoga. During hot yoga, the room isn’t only heated, but FAR infrared waves are used to warm the body, rather than the air around you. FAR infrared has amazing detox proficiencies; during a hot yoga class you sweat out toxins, increase your metabolism and heart rate for a better cardiovascular workout and improved blood circulation. The gentle heat means that your ability to stretch is greater and you can go deeper into various positions.

So far so good.

What has put me off any form of hot yoga in the past was the whole ‘bending over in knickers’ issue. Because you sweat quite a lot, everybody works out in the tiniest outfit possible. Or so I was told. The lady in the shop was quite adamant that I’d be glad to wear little more than shorts that would fit my 4yo and a tiny vest top. It would be sooo hot, and everybody else would show up in the same attire. More or less assured I trotted off to my first hot yoga class last Monday. I was so nervous, I forgot to take my trainers off before entering the changing rooms. Off to a bad start and grounds for disapproving stares. Leaving your shoes on in a yoga temple is a pretty rooky mistake. Did I mention I was nervous?

I made my way into the studio a couple of minutes earlier to secure a space in the last row (really no need to shove my barely clad bum into anyone’s face) as I watched slightly aghast as the room filled up. 35 people, four of them in shorts. Two of those were the two only male students, one of them another female pupil (of the ridiculous and incredible kind, see above) and one of them me, wobbly inside and out. Making a mental note to ignore that shop in the future, I got on my feet, closed my eyes and concentrated on my breath. The great thing about yoga – hot or not – is that you are very much centred within yourself. In the end, it didn’t matter what I was wearing and if my thighs wriggled or not. Nobody noticed. The best thing: I didn’t notice. I had an amazing first class with Jennifer de Lucry at triyoga Chelsea. Jennifer has an amazing, positive energy. She’s like sunshine entering the room.

Will I be back? Most definitely. After all, I paid 40 quid for a tiny pair of shorts. I’ll stick to the last row though. 😉

triyoga Chelsea, 372 King’s Road, London, SW3 5UZ



  1. Sounds amazing! (tiny shorts or not:). I have been tempted to try for a while, need to check if we have anything here locally. My physio just told me I’m not allowed to run, jog, to the plank and thousands of other exercises due to super-divided tummy muscles…apparently swimming is good, but my guess is Yoga would be ok as it’s more core muscles than crunches kind of thing, I think..? Take care x

  2. Oh my god i can so relate to this post – i ??It- i am training as a pilates teacher and was suggested to wear shorts by a ‘friend’ ( v hot in riyadh in summer 45+ deg) – i’m old have had 2 kids i will not be wearing teeny tiny shorts!!

  3. You are totally selling yoga to me lady and it’s been years. I do not believe having met you twice that anything wobbles-get those hot-pants (get it, sorry) on x

  4. Even I am wearing tiny shorts and just a sports bra to Bikram! I don’t know about hot yoga but in Bikram there is only one pose where tiny shorts on someone immediately in front of you could be emotionally scarring. Rest of them do not involve bending over like that. Whew 🙂

  5. I quite fancy hot yoga but am worried that I will overheat like I sometimes do in a sauna? How did you find the heat?

  6. I really enjoyed hot yoga, but I wore capri length yoga tights with a loose tank – I’m not brave enough to show up in teeny tiny shorts and a bra top like the local bikram yoga studio instructors do.
    have you heard all the controversy about the “leader” of bikram yoga? boycott bikram but do HOT YOGA instead… 🙂

  7. Ooh I’ve been dying to try hot yoga for ages! After reading this I’ll be wearing my breathable leggings though 😉 x

  8. I LOVE yoga…. it’s amazing what it does holistically. I have tried Bikram and really enjoyed it; the heat really allows your body to bend and go that bit further! X

  9. I haven’t tried hot yoga yet but want to, although worry I might keel over from the heat. I don’t do heat well. But I feel your pain re the outfit / body state – I just posted on my blog, what I think I look like doing yoga vs what I actually look like doing yoga…..

  10. I just cannot get with yoga. I don’t know why. I think it is the reflection or mindfulness part of it. I probably NEED yoga more than I think, but I just like classes with more energy and action, or what I perceive as such. I do trace this back to a time in a psych clinic in germany where I was forced to relax and mediate 2x per day:) Feldenkrais my friend. Shoot me.

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