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Happy birthday, Little L


Do you know that poem about how you don’t own your children? When I read it for the first time, pregnant with Lil’ L, a little more than five years ago, I found it hard to comprehend. How would I not feel ownership of someone whom I made, who for the longest time (so far) had been part of my own body?


As soon as my baby girl was born though, her own little character started to show. Of course, there are traits of myself and my husband in her, but foremost, Lil’ L is and always has been herself. She’s incredibly headstrong, yet sensitive and kind. Her sense for right and wrong is killing me at times, especially when others take advantage of her hesitance to jump the queue or grab that last biscuit.

She is generous and considerate, yet loves a bit of drama when she feels she’s treated unfairly.

Lil’ L, we love you so much. Have a very happy 5th birthday!


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