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Stories from the yoga path: The heart of life is good


Hello! How is everyone? I have been busy being calm recently. Extremely occupied doing nothing much but sitting back and looking at life.

I am well into the second month of my daily yoga practice, and it seems to be messing with my head in the most positive sense possible. Because for the last two months, I have not been stressed. Not even once. I have been a glass half full kind of girl to begin with, but this zen-like state of tranquil acceptance of the unchangeable is new to me.

Massive delay in the upcoming building project? Whatever… Harper Collins turning down my book? Que sera… Nothing to wear? Seriously, who cares?!

It’s no secret that practicing yoga helps building your awareness – not just for your breath, your physical alignment during postures or for your emotional wellbeing. Yoga also helps creating awareness for compassion and friendliness. If your bare feet ever touched a yoga mat, chances are that your teacher has spoken about having love and compassion for every living being. You can make of it what you want, but if you hear these words over and over again, and if you only have a fraction of a grain of kindness in your body, you’ll probably take the words to heart. And bit by bit, you will become friendlier and more compassionate.

Apart from the physical changes – I’ve got muscles on my shoulders???!??? – I realise emotional changes I didn’t expect. And it feels like this is just the beginning. Life is good. Really, really good.

Happy Easter, everyone. And Namaste! J

Lovely image of Ganesha with permission from Body Temple Yoga.


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