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Are you eating well enough?

IMG_6229I have been a bit surprised by just how incredibly well my body has responded to the month-long course of supplements I tried last month. One reason to where the sudden glow came from is certainly down to the quality of the product. Skinade is much praised and acclaimed for, and my own experience hasn’t been any different to what I had read before. The other answer though is found a little closer to home, as I have recently discovered.

A week into my skinade trial. Glowing from within!

A week into my skinade trial. Glowing from within!

I used to be convinced that supplements don’t do much to my body, as I believed to be getting everything I need from food. So how could a supplement give me such an energy boost and visibly improve my skin? Could it be that I was lacking in nutrients?

In my head, I have been eating saintly since my return from Kamalaya last October: lots of fresh veg, some fruit, mainly plant based protein and, of course, plenty of water. However, a week after filling in a food diary, I realised that not only somehow had sugar sneaked back into my diet, but also that I was nowhere near getting my five-a-day. Out of seven days, I had cheese and ham toasties for lunch on four occasions. Not quite the zen lifestyle I was mentally committed to.

So what’s a girl to do? Be more mindful of what I eat. And be religious about supplements. As it shows, my body is craving a little additional TLC.

I am thrilled to announce a fantastic giveaway: a month’s worth of skinade, the absolutely amazing liquid supplement with collagen and loads of high potency multivitamins. To win simply leave a comment below. Draw closes on Wednesday, 4 June 2014.



Edited: And the winner is…

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 21.40.55Iota! Congratulations. And thanks to all of you for taking part.


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