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Are you eating well enough?

IMG_6229I have been a bit surprised by just how incredibly well my body has responded to the month-long course of supplements I tried last month. One reason to where the sudden glow came from is certainly down to the quality of the product. Skinade is much praised and acclaimed for, and my own experience hasn’t been any different to what I had read before. The other answer though is found a little closer to home, as I have recently discovered.

A week into my skinade trial. Glowing from within!

A week into my skinade trial. Glowing from within!

I used to be convinced that supplements don’t do much to my body, as I believed to be getting everything I need from food. So how could a supplement give me such an energy boost and visibly improve my skin? Could it be that I was lacking in nutrients?

In my head, I have been eating saintly since my return from Kamalaya last October: lots of fresh veg, some fruit, mainly plant based protein and, of course, plenty of water. However, a week after filling in a food diary, I realised that not only somehow had sugar sneaked back into my diet, but also that I was nowhere near getting my five-a-day. Out of seven days, I had cheese and ham toasties for lunch on four occasions. Not quite the zen lifestyle I was mentally committed to.

So what’s a girl to do? Be more mindful of what I eat. And be religious about supplements. As it shows, my body is craving a little additional TLC.

I am thrilled to announce a fantastic giveaway: a month’s worth of skinade, the absolutely amazing liquid supplement with collagen and loads of high potency multivitamins. To win simply leave a comment below. Draw closes on Wednesday, 4 June 2014.



Edited: And the winner is…

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 21.40.55Iota! Congratulations. And thanks to all of you for taking part.


  1. What a great blog post ! Eating well is the most difficult thing to do especially when your on the move ! What a perfect giveaway ????????????

  2. Julia says

    Please, I need your glow!
    Keeping up the shine is a challenge these days. One house not sold, next one not renovated, two year old awake at night with chicken pox, nautious with another one, cleaner quit, workshop marathon, outgrown blond, rain.
    Save my skin 🙂 tack.
    Looking fabulous, dear.

  3. m brookes says

    What a great article. As a busy working mum school runs and business can be a big of a rush…and then fitting in in a healthy lunch. Eating my full share of fruits and veg still leaves me feeling a little tired. I think maybe this is just what I need. What a great giveaway!

  4. Hi – you look glowing in that picture!! This is timely as I finished yesterday thinking: ‘did I actually eat ANY vegetables today?’ even though, like you I think I have a really healthy diet. Eg I just invested in an at-home sprouting pot for beans and pulses! Hah the irony! I am interested to see whether supplements actually do anything useful – I have dabbled but never really understood what the right blend was. Good post. And hope things are feeling more settled now and ready for the big move… Lou x

  5. Crenia says

    Your skin looks incredible!! I’ve been doing a lot of research into Skinade the results seem flawless!! I too believed my diet was enough my husband is a vegetarian so as a family we have a great broad food diary and we have a daughter so im conscious of her eating a great variety but obviously wasn’t so much for myself!! It’s the little bits that sneak in! I feel like my skin looks so tired and I’m only 26! It looks like a fantastic product!!

  6. Kate says

    Oh how I need an inner AND outer glow! After baby No 2 I have yet to achieve more than 3 hrs sleep in a row and he’s nearly 5 months. My diet consists of easy fixes, although all home produced. The idea of no sugar in my diet makes me weep! I have been very good recently and make fresh fruit salad to delve into each day to prevent the chocolate craving. 😉 supplements seem unnecessary for some but I think, as I am also breast feeding, it would really benefit me AND my little one! Great post – so pleased it’s working for you – haven’t you come a long way in the last year?!! X

  7. Mimi says

    Who doesn’t want glowing skin? An elixir in a bottle? If your beautiful skin is the result of using skinade then I am in. I can’t wait to put it to the test

  8. Amy says

    I have loads of great things about Skinade and would love to try it for myself. 8 weeks ago I broke my femur in an accident and had to have major surgery requiring a blood transfusion. I too try to eat well but convenience is key when you can’t walk or carry too well! The active ingredients could potentially help my surgery scars heal better which will boost my shattered confidence…the problem is I can’t afford to try it given the situation! Or physically get to stockist.
    Fab article, whatever our situation we try to do the beat by our skin and bodies but could always use further help when it comes to feeling good and being confident in ourselves.

  9. Marianne Ogren-foreman says

    I would like to surprise my daughter she gave birth recently and is also getting married in August her skin looks a bit tired and could do with a lift our diet is healthy and she goes to the gym at least 3 times a week to trim her figure.Thanks for a very informative article.

  10. I think you should give it to Amy, though. Sounds like she needs a boost!

  11. Oh gosh, I’ve just gone back and read the other comments, and it sounds as if lots of people need a boost. You’re going to have to do that random selecter thing.

  12. Honest mum says

    Fab giveaway I’m undecided about supplements as doctor friends always tell me they are not that beneficial but I do need gentle iron around the time of the month and b6 is proven to help with pmt etc. You look fabulous but you always do beautiful lady. Now very importantly, where is your coat from?

  13. Lily Veale says

    I would LOVE to try skinade. I’m 19 and I’ve suffered with problem skin ever since I can remember, I am so tempted to buy skinade but being a university student I’m low on money and want to know it will help my skin before I purchase it! I’m working as a family rep in the summer and would love a confidence boost with better skin and to finat find something that will benefit my skin once and for all! X

  14. I’m only 16 so I can’t really afford skinade, I have terrible skin and seeing the effects of skinade really makes me want to try it. I’ve been suffering with acne since I was around 12 so I’ve had it for four years, in September I’m going to college and I would love to see a change in my skin before I meet new people, it would mean a great deal to me if I could win it:) x

  15. Margarita says

    Ham & cheese toasties are delicious though! I would love to win this!! I cannot find this in North America!

  16. andrea v says

    This would be awesome! I need energy and am constantly searching for something to help with my hashimotos disease issues… maybe it will be this! Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. Claire says

    I have to say you look fab! I reckon moving must have done you good as well 🙂 Healthy eating and vitamins is the way forward, I’ve also started running again send me encouraging messages!! Xxx

  18. You look positively glowing! I’d love to try it, I could do with a skin boost.

  19. janet says

    Yes – you are glowing. I don’t really ‘believe’ in supplements, but am willing to change my mind!!

  20. You are glowing!! I have been slacking on my supplements, but the high quality ones do seem to give me a boost– trying out a cinnamon one at the moment and I love it.

  21. Ooh, ooh! I could do with an extra boost. I’ve just changed the way I eat and started running. Am giving myself an MOT and loving it xxx

  22. You always look glowing!!! But having read your blog, I’ve been looking into skinade and it does sound pretty amazing! I find it difficult to fit fruit and veg in and have made a conscious effort to re jig my diet! Have you heard of Deliciously Ella? Amazing recipes on there!! X

  23. Wow, your skin looks glowing after those supplements. Thanks for the reminder to eat well, and please sign me up for the giveaway.

  24. Robyn says

    Ooh, yes please! Your skin looks fantastic!

  25. Ruth Vlachos says

    New mother, sleep deprived, breastfeeding, too much cake at those mother and baby groups. I need this..

  26. Kim says

    You look positively glowing in your photo. I tried a different brand of skin supplements in the past but didn’t really notice any difference. I don’t have a sob story as to why I need skinade other than I’m studying for professional exams right now and have definitely been slacking on the skincare/ eating well front!

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