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My friend, her boat, and all our children

My friend, her boat, and all our children

It’s been a long time coming. A Swedish husband, an on-going love affair with kanelbullar, a holiday house in the making, a best friend only minutes away from said house… After years of talking about it, we finally made a decision and are going to take the plunge: We are moving to Sweden!

I would love to say I am through with London, but that’s not the case. I still love London with all its grime, its overpriced housing market and the fact that your nose produces black snot, once you have used the tube. No doubt where I would choose to live without children.

However, as a family, Sweden makes so much more sense. Apart from the best friend and my penchant for yeast pastries with cinnamon, Sweden also means more time for us. Less hours spent commuting, fathers who are not only wanted but expected to play an active role in family life, and a society that makes this possible.

I love Sweden for its egalitarian society. As a mother of two girls, I don’t have to worry as much that they are going to be treated equally compared to their male peers.

Saying goodbye from London after nine and a half years feels relatively easy. Maybe that’s because Stockholm doesn’t really mean moving to the country. Or maybe that’s because it isn’t an absolute goodbye. Given that I’ll get into the yoga teacher training I applied for, I am going to be in London once a month for a weekend. Without kids. *cheers secretly* Best of all worlds, really.


  1. Oh wow, that was a surprise! It all sounds perfect for you and your family, good luck with the move. You’ll still be blogging though I hope? X

  2. @Jean: definitely! Stockholm considers itself the ‘capital of Scandinavia’*. I’ll still be Metropolitan Mum!
    *not sure what the rest of the Scandinavian countries think of that statement 😉

  3. Oh, what a surprise! I’m happy for you & I get what you’re aying about London {it can get a bit… well, at times}.
    I hope all goes well with the move & looking forward to reading your Scandi tips & bonnes addresses 🙂

  4. Wow totally best of both worlds, sounds perfect. We lived in London for 11 years and found it really easy to move to Leeds, we live in the stunning countryside, not far from town and Harvey Nicks (phew) and I get to London once a month for work so the kids have a wonderful quality of life and we’re all happy. You will love it and hopefully we can meet up in the Big Smoke again one of these days x

  5. Glad it’s going ahead! You will have a wonderful time and I’m very jealous…Sweden sounds like a fantastic place to live.

  6. Margarita says

    I am so excited for you! You must be so happy 🙂 I had a feeling this was going to happen, totally amazing!

  7. Such great news. I bet you are counting the days. Having visited Sweden only once, but loving it, I can totally understand why you’d want to raise a family there.
    I remember the black snot – don’t miss that! Fun that you’ll get to live the London life once a month and enjoy it without kids in tow.

  8. Even though we’ve never met, I’m kind of sad that you’re leaving us. But, it’s for the very best of reasons and I’m certain that you’re going to be so happy. I’m really looking forward to reading about your Scandinavian adventures xx

  9. You BETTER be returning to London! We need another coffee soon. That aside, I’m incredibly excited for you and I know you’ll love it there. Plus I’m coming to visit. Let me know when the spare room is ready 🙂

  10. Kelleyn says

    Wow! You guys are really taking the plunge! Not just a vacation home, but a all year round home. Could think of much worse places to land. Such a beautiful country! Congratulations and good luck on your new adventure!!!!

  11. cheryl says

    All the best with the move..I don’t blame you! Why would you want to live with smog when you can enjoy lots of fresh air…pastries and a more relaxed way of life, enjoy it! I’m so jealous! I’d love to move my family abroad somewhere new and exciting!

    You were the first blog I ever read and I still flit back to see how your doing…thanks for allowing us all to take a peek into your honest approach to mummyhood.

    All the best

    P.s hope the book is still happening…

  12. Congratulations on your decision! What an exciting adventure. I’ve been having similar itchy feet lately and would really like to do have a bit more adventure in my life. I’ll be following yours closely 🙂 xx

  13. That’s amazing. What positive news. Sweden will be such a great country to bring up your family. I’m so pleased for you….. and, and… your doing a yoga teacher training!? That’s really fantastic. :o) X.

  14. Congratulations and I wish you all every happiness in your new home and I am looking forward to reading about your new life in Stockholm. I lived in London for seven years, it’s a city I LOVE and I go back often but I have no regrets about leaving it.

  15. Wow, what a big step! So good to hear you are happy and I’m sure the girls will love it. Enjoy x

  16. Good for you.

    So you’ve made your peace with the fact that all Swedish men look the same, then… I remember reading that on your blog.

  17. So exciting! and looking forward to perhaps some brunching or even dancing when you’re in London

  18. Well what can I say? It is the end of an era. I am of course very pleased for you and your family, and of course it makes total sense. That said, I will miss you. When is the big move?

  19. Wishing you lots of luck and look forward to reading your continued adventures! I love Stockholm, Sweden is a great place for family

  20. Hello!!! I am late commenting to this post but have read and digested it a few days ago…still pondering on how lovely it must be to decide on such a life-enhancing thing. I can just imagine you there and I am sure that London will become a fab place to visit and know – but no longer the best place to live. Don’t worry; London will always be there for you. Enjoying your family in the best possible place should be the priority. You are so brave – looking forward to seeing how it all comes about. And will you change the blog name??? Swedish Mum?!! Lou x

  21. WOW, that is so exciting, congratulations & good luck!

    I know just what you mean….I know nothing about Sweden but I have lived in London since I was 6 years old & whilst I love the city, life here sometimes is hard, I completely get what you are saying…balancing family life is a real challenge.

    It’s very expensive….houses get more expensive, no one can afford to move, even those on so-called “good” salaries and our gardens are as big as postage stamps,

    You’ve always sounded like you know your own mind – if you don’t mind me saying – and I absolutely love what you say about your head vs heart decision, London vs Sweden. What you say makes total sense, a no-brainer as they say.

    I can’t wait to follow your journey, good luck!! Xx

  22. PS Yoga teaching sounds wonderful and just thinking about the kanelbullar is enough to make me want to move too. Almost 😉 Xx

  23. Oh man! And I never got to meet you in London 🙂 Really excited for you guys 🙂 Sounds like the best place for you.

  24. That’s so exciting! I love expat life… most of the time 😉
    Good luck on this new adventure!

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