Christmas comes early: Wellicious yoga wear giveaway

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In my quest to look somewhat presentable despite wearing leggings and lycra for most of the week (you can call me a sartorially challenged yogi), I came across London based yoga wear brand Wellicious. What I love about Wellicious is that they are eco friendly, that they use natural, ultra comfortable fabrics AND that they make you look good.

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I have been invited to choose an outfit and have put it straight to the test.

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One downward dog, a seated forward bend and a couple of twists, and both the top and leggings stayed firmly in place, without cutting into the flesh in the slightest.

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I am wearing a Finest Top in black and Yoga Pants AW14 in purple rain. The top has a built-in bra and the super soft pants offer lots of room to move freely.

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And now for the best part of it: I am giving away a £100 Wellicious voucher. All you have to do is comment, and maybe tell me a little about your yoga practice, if you have any. Good luck!

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Winner will be chosen at random. Draw closes on Monday, 08 December 2012, 8pm UK time.


  1. They look great- my yoga practice is sadly lacking latey, but I feel like some new clothes might get me restarted! we’re also looking for a present for a colleague who is yoga made so will definitely look at their site for her

  2. Hello you – I meant to comment on your last (very funny) yogi post; I did indeed snigger many times as I know women like that! They are at large!! Namaste.
    Meanwhile I am always interested in brands that do good gear. My yoga comes in three forms; gentle and un-striving, with friends on a Monday morning, or on my phone with the app ‘yoga studio’ when I don’t get to a class. And then there is a power yoga – too striving for me – which I had to bow out of due to injuring myself. Let that be a lesson. It’s lovely to see you looking so serene; Wellicious suits you. Take care, Lou x

  3. My yoga practice has dwindled down to a very random occurrence as of late… I need to make time for it!

  4. I’m still into my yoga and loving it. I even surprised myself and tried out the Power Yoga classes (without embarrasing myself too much!). The Wellicious collection looks super soft and comfortable and not so skimpy that I’m more worried about body parts popping out when I’m trying to focus doing my Crow Pose!!

  5. The yoga wear looks great – I am not much of a yoga bunny myself but am all for comfy flattering clothes! Loving the blog freshen up – new profile pic is gorgeous x

  6. Oh, I like! Alas, they don’t sell down my way so not sure if this counts…

    My yoga practice is an early morning one or it doesn’t happen. It’s a mix of classes, Power Vinyasna, Hot Yoga and Yin Yang. Love them all (in varying degrees :)).

  7. I used to be an ashtanga girl, but being extremely hyper mobile I’ve now learned that ashtanga might actually do more harm than good on me hence I’ve embraced pilates instead. So these days it’s all about not giving in into my hyper mobility and developing core strength…oh, and pregnancy yoga of course! That, I love!

  8. Yoga for me is an intimate space, it’s where I go to relax, to connect, to clear my mind. It is also an activity that I mix with pre or post coffee, chatting and meeting great people in planes, for example. Also, that’s a pretty rad profile picture!

  9. Oh yes please!

    I have been practicing yoga now for over ten years apart from a break when I had my daughter, but boy do I still wish I was doing it in the aftermath of the birth – it would have really helped with the post natal illness. Now I try to practice everyday, usually the time while my daughter’s watching TV before bed time, or on the landing when she’s in the bath (she has a good soak)! She loves watching my downward dogs and is an awe of my shoulder stand :o). In fact, I have now bought a really good children’s yoga DVD and we have loads of fun stretching together – her tree pose is very impressive :o)…….

    But why do I love yoga so much? Because it resets my body, clears my mind, reconnects me with my breath and the better part of my humanity; I feel more at peace, tolerant and giving. In fact, yoga has helped to really improve my relationship with my husband.

    I’ll practice anywhere – my yoga mat comes with me to festivals, the mother-in-laws, and during the summer I like to practice outside as much as I can. I am an ashtanga girl but I’ve just found a hot yoga center close to where I live…. no guesses one of my goals for 2015! Nameste! X

  10. janet says

    Wow, those yoga clothes look great. I used to adore yoga and practiced daily what now seems an embarrassingly long time ago (i.e. before it all melted into an abyss of fertility treatment, two kids and an international move) – am now just coming up for air, and really really really need to get back into it. You are inspiring me to do so!!

  11. Vivian says

    Returned to it 3 weeks ago, 15 minutes every morning… Love it.

  12. maie moussa says

    Doing yoga for a years now ,recently been thinking of doing Kundalini Reiki teacher training ,Nameste! X

  13. emily omara says

    Am going to start doing Yoga again 2 times a week in the new year, some new clothes will give me that kick start i need!

  14. Sandra says

    The yoga wear looks fab on you! Have not been practising myself lately, but maybe some new Wellicious clothes will inspire me to get started again. I am hoping so!

  15. I love yoga, although I am a bit out of practice now – aiming to start again in the New Year 🙂 Could definitely do with nice new yoga clothes from Wellicious!

  16. This range of yoga clothing looks fantastic. I’ve been practicing yoga for about 7 years now, whilst living in various countries. What I love about yoga is that it unites and bonds people from all over the world, and no matter where you are in the world there are always like-minded yogis to practice with.

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