Yummy Mummy

Sienna Miller: Yummy Yoga Mummy

Ever wondered how the other half are leading their spiritual, gluten free, organically-fed life? Have a look at Sienna Miller’s physical space. And be prepared to laugh. Namasté, my lovelies!

Thank you, Xandi, for posting this in the first place!


  1. Kelleyn says

    Thanks for the great laugh ! Now can I have her body please!

  2. I’ve filed this away… too good not to share! And totally related as she almost ate her hand after touching the brownie. 🙂

  3. Love that she can take the piss out of herself – I wonder how much is a version of the truth!!!

  4. Very funny, she is obviously a good sport. I have enjoyed reading your yoga path stories and your life in Stockholm post this year. Happy Christmas and good wishes to you all for 2015. 😉

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