Stories from the yoga path: the one where I didn’t want to breathe

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Yoga is serious business. It’s one of the fastest growing sports (if you want to call it a sport), people all around the world love it, and they have done so for at least 4,000 years. And of course I am paying good money for a course that will hopefully see me coming out as a qualified teacher at the other end – i.e. I am taking yoga pretty seriously.

Which doesn’t mean that sometimes my thoughts in class do wander away from my breath or the alignment of a pose, and that I can get distracted. The other day, I went to a Vinyasa Flow class in Stockholm with my friend Paula, when our teacher was guiding us through Kapotasana (pigeon pose). Towards the end of the pose, you come to lying over your bent front leg with the forehead on the floor. We were all lowering down in unison, accompanied by our teacher’s invitation to exhale. And that’s when it happened.

A mighty bang in the far corner of the room. A clearly audible knock that made everyone in class hold their breath. Someone had cut the cheese. Squeaked one out. Played the tuba in allegro forte!

I could hardly contain myself, let alone dare looking at the mat next to me, where Paula was trying to hold it together, too.

And then the teacher said ‘Inhale’.

I could have died laughing.

Namaste, my lovelies. Take it easy on the Brussels sprouts, if you are planning a yoga session over Christmas 🙂 



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