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A day out in Stockholm (and a sudden love for gardening)


It’s been beautiful round here during the last couple of weeks: the leaves have started to turn and are slowly tumbling towards the ground, trees are heaving with apples and plums and the smaller shrubs are brimming with bright red berries, waiting to feed hungry birds during colder days to come. It might be that my appreciation for the autumn is a side effect of getting older – I remember my mother going on and on about the splendour of nature during this special time of year, when all I could think of was that hot chocolate tasted better when it was cold outside.


Fast forward a good 25 years, and here I am, putting my feet up with a cup of tea, eager to get stuck into the newest edition of Country Living. My sudden urge to get my hands dirty certainly does have a link to getting older; that I have realised years ago. The other, maybe even greater driving force that has prompted me to watch about 30 episodes of Gardeners’ World in two days, might be the fact that for the first time in my life, I am going to have an actual garden. I know: DUH.

In London, I have been pottering about in a ‘garden’ that consisted of a paved patio, a handful of clay pots and a shallow flower bed with two hydrangeas, an old rose and a new shrub called The Bride, which I managed to kill within the first six months of planting it. As of next week though, I will have my work carved out with this:


Yes, this is the new house and it is also the back garden. Or it is rather what will hopefully one day become a back garden. As it is right now, it’s just a big muddy puddle. I believe that the seasoned gardener calls this ‘heavy clay’.

Back to the day out in Stockholm though: funnily so, I have recently been drawn to gardens and gardening centres. One that is fantastic with its fruit orchards, botanical gardens and organic cafe plus vast spaces for energetic kids to roam around is Bergianska Trädgården (or Bergius Botanic Garden). Located in the outskirts of Stockholm, it is part of the city’s national park, protected by law to preserve natural and cultural values for the future.

Bergianska TrädgårdenGustafsborgsvägen 4, 114 18 Stockholm




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