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Shellfish with a side of opera


When you have a fantastic Swedish restaurant just down the road, when it’s -18 degrees and a thick layer of ice covers the roads, and when it is so dark that you feel someone has painted the sky with tar, you might find it hard to get all dolled up, put on some heels and venture into town for a meal. However, as I have been whining to my husband about not taking me places anymore and thus denying me all the good things Stockholm has to offer, I discovered a bit of a gem last Saturday.

It’s a place called Wasahof. 

The bistro style restaurant is a far cry from Sweden’s all white or (in extremely daring cases) monochrome interior. I have heard that there’s an interior monochrome hype at the moment in the UK. If you are tempted – don’t do it. Trust me. It’s boring. Even the Swedes seem to be over it by now.

Back to Wasahof though. Inspired by the French bistro culture, it is cosy, sophisticated, warm yet not frilly. On the menu are fresh shellfish platters, fine fish, lamb and steak, as well as various French cheeses and, of course, wine.

If you are lucky – like us – you might witness a guest appearance. For example, a couple of opera singers with mindblowingly fantastic voices, dishing out operettas while you sip on your Picpoul de Pinet. Ah, elle est belle la vie!

Le Bistrot de Wasahof, Dalagatan 46, 113 24 Stockholm, Tel.: 0046 (0) 8 32 34 40


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