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Until the fat lady sings

You know what they say about things being over. Looks like I can’t keep away from my blog for too long – my slight hesitance to shut it down entirely should have given me food for thought. I managed to abstain for almost a year, but realised that there’s still a post within me. Or maybe two.

About a year ago, I felt I needed a break – a social media detox, less overall screen time and more being right here right now. Also, I started a business and although I haven’t been all-consumingly busy with it (yoga teacher with burnout syndrome – now that would be an interesting headline for a blog post), a great part of my inspiration and time goes into it. Lastly, there is also the small fact of living in a foreign country, having a language to learn and a family to settle.

Three years into our move and the kids are more than happily settled, the yoga studio is going quite well and the husband is very content with the new-found work-life balance and the fact that he’s got a garage to tinker in. Despite what everyone told me about the Swedes and how hard it would be to make friends, I found open arms and hearts.

“I love Swedish summer – it’s the best day of the year.”

Princess Margaret of Connaught

Another, not quite so nice surprise, are the Swedish winters, which last about six months. The rest of the year is divided into two months of spring and about four months of fall.

But enough from me for now. Let me do a little round and find out what’s been going on in the blogging world.

Btw, I still suck at selfies. 


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