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The pitfalls of skinny jeans. Or: yoga pants for all!

When I started teaching yoga, I said yes to any gig that would have me. Thus I ended up with a weekly trip to teach classes on the beautiful but somewhat remote Swedish island Ekerö, which meant that I was stuck in my car for about two and a half hours every Wednesday. Time that I spent listening to recordings of my downright amazing philosophy teacher Carlos Pomeda or giggling along the musings of body movement geeks Katy Bowman and Dani Hemmat (click here for their podcast). 

Among other things they discuss, Katy and Dani had picked up on a story that had made headlines all around the world: an incident that involved a girl in skinny jeans, squatting, friends that were too stingy to hire movers and said girl in skinny jeans losing any feeling in her legs. Apparently she had spent all day helping out her stingy friends (seriously, unless you are 18 and don’t earn a penny, pay for someone who’s got the equipment and the muscles to move your stuff), and for reasons unknown, she had spent most of that time squatting. The source of the story didn’t reveal how skinny those skinnies were, but given that they cut off the circulation in the poor girl’s legs, I assume that the answer is ‘very’. It was further reported that the girl laid helplessly on the pavement for a prolonged time (hours? a night? weeks?). I can’t help but wonder what happened to her mobile phone. Did she lose it in a moving box? Did it smash as she scrambled to the concrete floor, legs like jell-o? Or was it stuck in her back pocket, the jeans so tight that she couldn’t fit her hand in to get it out? The mind boggles.

The most mind blowing thing about this story though is that a Doctor who was interviewed a little later on the incident recommended that women… SHOULD NOT SQUAT WEARING SKINNY JEANS. What about not wearing trousers that drain your legs of any blood in the first place? DUH.

If you spot me wearing my yoga pants on the school run, remember it’s all for medicinal reasons. And, because yoga leggings are pants, obviously 🙂

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