Happy Birthday, Met Mum

I almost missed this, but this blog turned 10 (T_E_N!!!) last March. How the hell did this happen?

I miss writing so much, but for one reason or another, I don’t feel that this is the right place anymore. The things that are on my mind are nothing I would like my ten year old, her friends, my husband, his parents, my ex, or the moms at school to read.

So, just in case you missed my musings, I’m going anonymous. Leave me a comment or message me on instagram so that I can email you with the new URL. And, of course, this will have to remain between you and me, right? 🙂

See you on the other side.


  1. Hanna Malmström says

    Of course I would like to continue following you, love the way you write and express yourself, put reflections in context and I miss your yoga in Djursholm. Look forward to receive your new address. ???

  2. Helen Pomeroy says

    I would love to keep in touch – please let me have your new link x

  3. Stella says

    I always looked forward to the window into your world the blog offered and would love to continue on your journey with you.

  4. Kate says

    Would love to continue following you- totally understand about the need for anonymity.
    Kate x

  5. Silvi says

    Happy Anniversary. what a new adventure, living in California! Having moved to several different countries with husband and two sons myself I would like to hear more of your goings-on. All the best Silvi

  6. Louise says

    keep me posted !
    I’m intrigued as to what’s on your mind x

  7. Little B says

    Totally understand but will miss your musings. xx little b

  8. Kath says

    Totally understandable, but please add me to the list.

  9. Please add me in too. My son was born in April 2009 and yours was the first parenthood blog that I followed!

  10. Daniela Costa says

    I saw that coming for a long time…
    And look forward to your new musings! Still love they way you‘re expressing your sentiments ?

  11. Rowan Johnston says

    Can you add me to your new blog? Thank you!

  12. Shermie says

    I have enjoyed your writing since you lived in London. I would love to follow your new adventures!

  13. Petra says

    I would love to keep following you, so please add me to the list ?

  14. Kaisa says

    Have enjoyed reading your views on life and would love to keep following!

  15. Jessica says

    How did I not respond to this??? Send me your link, lady! Xx

  16. Persa Mamoukari says

    Greetings from Greece.
    Late as always! Please send me your new address. I enjoy the way you write !

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