Lockdown life, Malibu

Letters from lockdown

Hello from the other side (of the pond)

As this blog was born out of the isolation of first time motherhood, I thought it fitting to let it have a bit of a rebirth. Something like Phoenix from the Flames, minus the wings (wouldn’t that be just the best right now, to have wings?!), plus unicorn patterned face mask. (On that note, do you think face masks are ever going to go away again, or are we going to see an Asian-like face mask fashion trend coming on?)

At some point, I want to revamp this blog, i.e. update the header and About text which haven’t been accurate for the better part of two years, but against the current trend of style over substance, I’ll stick to the latter. In the past couple of years, I have often bemoaned the end of blogging as we knew it and have at the same time watched the rise of ‘The Influencer’ with pure astonishment and a great deal of disbelief.

However, no matter what I make of the fast lived, bite sized, dumbed down provision of ‘information’ on Instagram or Facebook feeds while promoting people with questionable skills and intellect, I can still be who I want to be and create the content I would like to see. And I do. I created another blog just for the pure pleasure to write in great detail about all things sex and relationships. Writing anonymously has been both liberating in the sense of lack of self-imposed censorship, but also in terms of how to promote posts and how to grow a readership. I just write, put it out there, hope that my loyal and few readers find it useful, and I get on with life.

I need to find the same kind of balance here. Preferably without embarrassing my children. As tempting as that might occasionally be.

Speaking of which, Lil’ L turned 11 a couple of weeks ago and The Pea will be 8 in September. It’s hormone heaven in our house, haha (please send wine, lots of it).