Author: Metropolitan Mum

How to turn 42

I turned 40 two years ago, and it’s been a breeze. I guess it can be, if you are at peace with yourself and if, as it happens to be the case for this not-so-young-anymore lady, you are blessed with good genes. It’s nothing that I am be proud of, nothing that I can claim […]

Scrumptious buckwheat pancakes

Buckwheat pancakes. If the sound of this makes you think of old shoe sole with a hint of stale hazelnut, you shall be forgiven. On a quest to replace white flour with whole grain alternatives, I have tried various recipes with little success. Very much to the dismay of my children, I was determined to […]

A Mantra for inner peace

If you have tried yoga, you most likely have come across mantra chanting at some point. I love chanting mantras. While singing is fun (especially if no one’s listening ;-)), there is something incredibly soothing, sometimes even magical about chanting.

What kind of yoga teacher do you want to be?

This is a post I have written a couple of years ago, before owning a yoga studio and before creating the community I wanted to belong to. I am hoping that this post might help another teacher who is facing similar questions… I have asked myself that question a lot over the last summer: What […]

The struggle to struggle

One of my teachers once said “Those who fall over a million times are those who will end up with the most beautiful headstands.” Struggle (and to an extent failure) is part of the journey – in life as well as in practicing yoga.