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Illustration Friday: Breezy

This is a premiere: I took on an Illustration Friday topic, which happens to be breezy for this week.  I dedusted and used my old oil pastels – the finger thick ones that smell like kindergarten. The style of the illustration is a bit kindergarten, too…

Three is family

Every night for more than two years I say ‘goodnight’ to Big M. More recently, I have been saying ‘goodnight’ to little L as well. I said ‘goodnight, little family’ for the first time last night. And it just hit me: three is family. I am going to have my own little family.

Mushy peas

Too many hormones turned my brain into a substance similar to mushy peas. I recently went to a house warming party, only to discover that I was unable to follow a conversation, let alone say anything witty, funny or meaningful. For about 85% of the evening I found myself clinging to Big M’s sleeve. The […]