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Ho Ho Ho

Last time this year, I have spoiled my loyal readers to a daily treat on the blog. This year, instead of wrapping gorgeous gifts to send them around the world, I am wrapping a new baby’s bottom in diapers to send her to sleep at night. How things change… Fortunately though, the people at Hallmark […]

Countdown to Christmas – Advent Calendar Day 18

For long a favourite (and somewhat secret) brand among the style conscious crowd of South West London, caramelbaby&child has only recently been discovered by a wider audience. Their gorgeous designs are both original and practical – created to be taken to the park and worn to school. Colours you wouldn’t at first associate with children’s […]

Countdown to Christmas – Advent Calendar Day 15

Tree: tick! Turkey: tick! Presents: tick! What to wear:.. WHAT TO WEAR??!! Nothing to wear? Behold, my friend, your problem shall be solved. Behind today’s Advent Calendar door waits this gorgeous Isabella Oliver asymmetric neck dress, which comes in black, electric blue and slate. Have a look at the Autumn Winter collections. Choose from irresistibly […]