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May is Masturbation Month

Yay for May! And June. And July… I have been a little hesitant about posting this here, given that my 11yo recently found this blog. But then I thought that there is so much crap on the web she’ll come across soon or maybe already has (children under the age of ten account for 22% […]

50 shades of cringe

The other day at my local supermarket, little L in tow. I was scanning the tinned tomatoes aisle (exciting stuff, I know), when a good looking guy peeked around the corner, checking us out. I had seen him earlier upon entering the store. Our eyes had met and he looked as if he’d been stricken […]

What it’s like to be on TV

So there I was last Tuesday at Princess Studios, home of the Vanessa Show, slightly nervous and majorly intimidated by the humming business around me. All of a sudden, my recent courage (‘yes of course I’ll speak about sex on TV, why not?’) had made for the back door, abandoning me to sweat alone in […]

Let’s talk about sex

Come to Mama! The very lovely Liz Fraser (I have read all her books and met her in the flash more than once, she really is lovely) has recently written an article about how her sex life has deteriorated with 13 years of motherhood, three kids, work and an ever so increasing pile of laundry. […]