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At the Baby Spa

baby spa laura sevenus

Located on a quiet square just off Kensington Church Street, the Baby Spa by Laura Sevenus is tucked away neatly from the hustle and bustle of Central London. On my daily coffee run, I walked past it a couple of times before I eventually went in to figure out what’s it all about.

I have to admit to having been a little suspicious at first. A spa for babies… not the most obvious thing, but once I had learned more about it, I was intrigued.

In brief words: it’s hydrotherapy for babies. It’s beneficial to the mental and physical development of babies. It’s soothing, it’s gentle and above all, it’s a lot of fun.

I bought the Pea a voucher for Christmas. It turned out to be the perfect present for a baby who lives in hand-me-downs from her bigger sister. Something special just for her and mummy to enjoy.

The Pea floated and paddled happily in the baby pool for 30 minutes before she was gently lifted out, wrapped in warm towels and massaged with great care. She loved every moment of it and so did I.

The only downside to it all is that they only take babies up to six months of age. We should have gone earlier…

The Baby Spa by Laura Sevenus, 6 Lancer Square, London W8 4EH, Tel.: 020 7937 3747


  1. I could use this for my 21 month old. Actually her therapist has suggested with do some aqua therapy to help her with her sensory issues. How wonderful you have sound this place!

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Unfortunately our little one is too old for this with his nearly two years. But excellent to know for the future and No.2

  3. Mummy Plum says

    You can always have lessons at Laura Sevenus in Chiswick. My 4 month old has just started a baby course there and is loving it. I love the fact the pool isn’t chlorinated and it is so warm too.

  4. Oh my goodness, how cute is The Pea?!! So fab she can be independent in the pool, what a great place you found – shame though about the age limit 🙁 xx

  5. This has inspired me to get my Gem into a pool ASAP.

    Your Pea is super adorable and so relaxed in the water. She’s more relaxed than I am.

    If I’d known about this earlier, I’d have taken Gem. She’s 9 months old so too old for this.

    I’ll do it for baby no 2 hopefully.

  6. Absolutely adorable! I’ll have to find something like this for mine when she arrives!

  7. Rachel says

    How much was the day for you both? And what did you have done/do? C

  8. Adorable photos! She is so gorgeous. Wish I’d know about this when Biscuit was tiny! Looks fabulous.

  9. I need to warn you that if I ever happen upon the Pea I will GOBBLE HER UP.

  10. It would be great if you could let us know how much you paid for the day. Our toddler is too old for it but it’s good to know should he ever get a sibling.

  11. Hi. It’s been £45 if I remember right. I bought the voucher beginning of December 2012.

  12. how adorable ! that neck float is genius. your baby looks so happy and content in the water. what a lovely thing to do 🙂

  13. This brings back memories of swimming at a health spa with my eldest, that float is amazing, she looks very happy and confident in the water.

  14. Payel says

    My son had the most horrific experience the lady Laura was down right rude and mean to the baby she has no business to be in the. Baby business

  15. Sarah says

    I LOVE taking my daughter to the baby spa. I had a great experience at a other baby spas. However, I HAD THE WORST EXPERIENCE WITH LAURA SEVENUS. I was so looking forward to it after reading a few reviews, but I would say I found her downright racist. I saw her kind to some babies, but terrible to others. Upon entering the spa, my daughter was told to be kept quiet as much as possible…and that was quite eerie (especially when they are just giggling with excitement). I don’t know why Laura is so unreasonable about babies laughing, cooing, or crying, as this is not a spa for adults, but for BABIES. And babies COMMUNICATE by crying. Laura didn’t handle my daughter well…I found her to be pretty cold, and actually rough at times in the manner in which she interacted with my daughter. When my daughter started crying because she swallowed too much water, Laura yanked her out very hard and told us we could not return! Her roughness left marks on my baby, and I will never go back for a visit again! The worst part is that we didn’t even get refunded the price we paid.

  16. Georgina says

    The neck float is adorable. Where can you buy them from?

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