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My name is Deborah, aka Metropolitan Mum.

My passport says that I am Austrian, but I can’t yodel and I can’t cook Apfelstrudel. I grew up everywhere but Austria and have lived in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, England and am currently in Malibu, California. I speak four languages and consider myself quintessentially European.

The city where I have lived the longest is London. It is also where I have met my Swedish husband and where I’ve had both my girls. London will always have a special place in my heart.

I am a compulsive writer, a mother and a yoga teacher.

My glass is pretty much always half full and I believe that happiness can be found in the smallest things and sometimes darkest places.

I started this blog in early February 2009, heavily pregnant and somewhat overwhelmed by the experience. The mummy blogging scene has been rather small back in those days; it’s where I found a lot of friendship and support in the loneliness of new motherhood. It’s fair to say I am an early days mummy blogger dinosaur.

I am a compulsive writer – I have written a novel, I used to be an online editor in the early 2000s, then a professional blogger from 2012 to 2014 (which wasn’t for me) and I still write with passion – on my anonymous blog and for various companies as a content creator.

My outlook on life might have changed when I had kids, but quintessentially, I am the same person I’ve always been. This blog is about my journey of stumbling into motherhood, about losing myself a little bit and finding my way again.


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