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Award nomination for THE MADS 2010

I could easily play it cool and pretend not to care whatsoever, but I do. Some very nice folks have nominated this blog for THE MADS 2010 blog awards. And now that I am on the list, I would really like to win. Or at least be shortlisted. So please, if you like my blog, […]

Girl crush

The fabulous Lily Lemontree invited me to guest-post on her beautiful blog about my favourite style icon. This is flattering for multiple reasons. Not only is Lily Lemontree one of the most stylish blogs out there, but also is her series ‘Style Icons’ one of my favourite. So whom did I choose? Let me tell […]

What’s in your bag?

Have you ever wondered how often the girls working at the airports’ security scanners really need to check the contents of your bag? And how often they are just curious to know what’s inside? If I were one of them, I’d know how to shamelessly exploit my position of power. Emily O over at Babyrambles […]

Favourite Photo Meme

If you were to choose one perfect picture, which one would you choose? Forty Not Out invited me to join the Favourite Photo Meme. I have lots of favourite pictures. Pictures of friends, of myself, of food and of places. But my most favourite would need to include my two favourite people, Big M and […]

2009 – the highlights

The ever so fabulous Mothership asked me for my highlights of 2009. I was pondering a few days about what 2009 had in store for me, and I came up with just one highlight. I BECAME A MUM! Becoming a mother has been such a life-changing event; ‘highlight’ does not quite cover the ups (or […]