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Wednesday Weigh-In Vol. III. Or: 2 steps forward, 1 step back


Can I please have this body back?

What? It’s Wednesday again? Where has the week gone? I blame my virtual absence on the great weather and the fact that I got more confident in taking little L out. We had a blast attending coffee mornings, picnics and going for walks. Almost bursting with pride, I paraded my beautiful social butterfly in her pram, dressed to the nines in Petit Bateau (little L, not me), making the most of the sunny days. Well, almost.

The drama unfolded when Big M got my summer clothes down from the loft. In great anticipation, I threw on some of my favourite little summery dresses, and they are all, without exception, too small. My enlarged bust makes me look like a Bavarian beer waitress (the ones that can balance a stein on their cleavage); and some of the dresses I wasn’t even able to close. Trying on trousers has been wisely avoided. I know that they will give me a muffin top – no actual proof needed, thanks!

 Still refusing to buy new clothes, I was looking at other options to make me feel better immediately. The plan to have more sleep and less sugary snacks only worked out partly so far. Yes, I am sleeping more. And no, I am not eating less chocolate. Eating less in general sounds like a very depressing prospect. I admire those who eat light in summer. A little salad here, a handful of berries there, and happy they are. Add a steak, some fries and ice cream, and the summer diet does the trick for me, too. Hence, I resort to exercise.

With a newborn, joining a gym is a bit pointless. Who would watch little L when mummy hits the treadmill? And also, having had a caesarean, my favourite kind of workout is taboo. I would need some expert advice to avoid hurting myself. A look at my savings account brought some hope into this dilemma. I had nearly spent no money on clothes since finding out that I was pregnant. And I wasn’t going to any time soon either. Investing in a personal trainer seemed to be money well spent.

I might be a bit obsessive with my weight or the level of my fitness, but next to the woman I met I look like a chubby choirboy. She insisted on sending me on an elimination diet that included cutting out bread, sugar, alcohol and all other ‘nasties’. I am breastfeeding an eight weeks old baby. Sleep deprivation gives me a constant headache. I don’t need migraine like pains to make me feel worse; neither do I want to starve myself. What was she thinking? And why would anyone want to spend money on this torture? I have to come up with a different plan.

Now for the weigh-in:

Last week: 134 pounds

This week: 135 pounds

Pounds gained: 1

How many pounds left to lose: 10


  1. WTG! At least you lost a pound. You have to be happy in the smallest victories 🙂

    Just a question…. why no to pilates?? I had a c-section too, and I do a combo of pilates and yoga.

    Anyway, don’t worry, you look great!

  2. They told me no crunshes and no core strength exercises for the moment. Maybe in a while?

    Um… I gained a pound. Got the numbers wrong (guess there was a little wishful thinking involved…).

  3. There are some briliant post-natal workout classes around which incorporate babies. They will know how to look after your scar but as you are out of the 6 week zone should be ok. Good luck this week!

  4. You want to buy yourself a Nintendo Wii and EA Sports Active. It comes with a resistance band thingy and uses the motion sensitive controllers to monitor what you’re up to. It has a really intensive 30 day workout challenge that’s given some of my chums who play football a few aches. Given the limited amount of free time a mummy has, it seems ideal.

    Mines on order 😉

  5. OOh we are getting Wii EA Active! Seriously thogh the Wii Fit is quite good as you can do it with kids- thats if they dont keep trying to do it themselves, but you’d be alright as little L isnt moving yet. The other thing to consider is going jogging with the baby, we bought an Out and About pushchair. It had potential when I could be bothered to use it- back in the days of 1 baby…

  6. Guys, honestly, Nintendo should sponsor you. I mean, come on, where would you get that much free PR? From credible customers?

    I will check out a gym with a creche next Monday. Will let you know how it goes…

  7. That did come across as a bit scripted didn’t it? If Nintendo wish to put me on their payola list, I for one shall not fight it 😉

  8. Ginni says

    two words: weight watchers. They adapt the points for mummies who are breastfeeding

  9. It’s probably a blokes perspective but I think weight loss is better from exercise (and) dieting rather than just eating less.

    I’d like my tum to stick out less because it was more toned rather than because I was half starved 🙂

  10. Hi New here but thought I would leave a comment. I have absolutely no dieting advice. Just thought I would tell you I whole heartedly agree. You must never give up chocolate. It is vital to one’s emotional health!

  11. @Kat: I tried postnatal & baby yoga today, which was great fun. Thanks for the tip!

    @Ginni: since we are not sharing offices anymore, whom can I ask how many points a pile of jelly beans has? WW seems way to complicated for me. Why don’t you move in with us for a while as my WW coach? You have been stateside long enough now, and I miss you A LOT…

    @Alex: yip, cutting down on food is just boring, boring, boring. And I believe that you’ll just pile on everything and more when you go back to your usual eating habits. Plus, a toned tummy is much prettier than a starved one.

    @ModernMom: Thanks for your vital advice. I’ll print it off and stick it on the fridge 🙂

  12. not even to lose a few pounds I would get close to a gym!!! I’m getting shivers just thinking of it! I much prefer starving myself than sweating in lycra 🙂
    You go girl! the success and slimmer trousers are just round the corner!

  13. @Peggy: How very French of you. I heard that the French ladies avoid gyms at all costs – just a little walk here and a little balade there, and voila, a firm derrier a la francaise. Doesn’t work for me, I am afraid. So lycra it is 🙂

  14. Dog walking was particularly helpful for me – especially as she is prone to invading other peoples picnics so it involves an element of sprint training for me too.

  15. You are an inspiration!
    I am sure i am now considered fat as opposed to slightly overweight.

  16. @BiB: ummmm… I am slightly overwhelmed by caring for the baby. I can only imagine how much chaos a dog would add to the madhouse.

    @Elsie: *blushing* thank you. But don’t you worry. So far I have only been talking about getting fit. Nothing achieved so far. And I am sure, you are exaggerating!

  17. I am surprized you couldn’t find a gym with daycare. Mine has it and it’s part of the monthly fee.

  18. Those last 10 pounds are a killer to shift…..walking is always a good one, especially good for little ‘un to get some fresh air…

    I am struggling to lose my last 10 pounds, but comfort myself with the thought: It took 9 months to get in that state, therefore 9 months to get back out of it…whoops roll on month 10!

    Anyway, it will drop off if you are breastfeeding!

    Best of Luck!

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