London, Play

Inner city child

There’s something about growing up in London – the party never seems to stop. There’s always something new to learn, always something exciting to do.

Like getting your face painted like a tiger.

Even if it means you have to queue for a while (which is quite a useful thing to learn, if you are living in a big city).

Or riding the carousel.

Thank you, Trotters, for having us and all the other passers-by for your 21st birthday celebrations. It was a brilliant fete and we hope you raised lots of money for charity CAIRN!


  1. Looks fun. My kids love the carousel in the center of our town and we buy tickets by the dozen so I always have a couple in my purse ready for the next visit.

  2. I actually remember seeing you at the square. My son was a few horses behind your daughter. Small world eh?

  3. That’s what I love about London – trying to make sure my two get enough time in the City so they are city-literate and can enjoy all these fab things

  4. Yeah it is fun growing up in London but I actually have always craved the quiet life so now I live in Baltimore life in the slow lane …and it is useful that the kids have a two min walk to school here !

  5. Lovely photo’s and VERY cute tiger. My little guy has been afraid of any sort of ride, but we now think its motion sickness not actual fear. I hope he grows out of it.

  6. What wonderful photos! Your daughter is precious. Our kids had their faces painted at a festival recently, too. They love it!

  7. Bit like Chicago.
    Trotters – I used to work for Sophie and Richard when they were at Sock Shop. Lovely people.

  8. Simone says

    I love Trotters, such a lovely shop. And you both look beautiful….your little girl is growing!!

    Thanks for your comment 😉 we always joke that we have seen more museums/galleries in NYC & Paris than we have in London!!! I haven’t been to the London ones for years, way too long. The National Gallery was fab today, I could have spent hours there…..I’m in town with my daughter on Sunday and hope to drop into the National Portrait Gallery then. Two in one week, woo hoo!!

    Hope you are enjoying west London. I always think it has a very different feel to north London but I could live there quite easily. Good luck with the house hunting 🙂 X

  9. These photos are simply adorable! I agree, growing up in London is brilliant, it’s now even better for kids than when I was small ( I remember lots of rainy Saturdays at the Natural History Museum, which was pretty much deserted in those days, how times change, eh?!)

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