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Because I am so incredibly fashion forward, I receive Matches Fashion’s customised email newsletter. Or maybe I once ordered a pair of flip flops and have since been on their automated mailing list – who knows? The other day, this popped into my inbox:


boiler suit

I am not sure if I should laugh, cry, or be terribly insulted. Seriously? Just for me? Like in ‘everybody else gets to dress decently but we are going to have a laugh about you’?

After googling doing some serious research on the topic, I realised that Kate Moss, Gwen Stefani and Stella McCartney recently have all been spotted in the above attire. I also realised that they all looked completely hideous in it.

Boiler suits should be reserved for people who have to protect their Sunday bests from, let’s say alien slime. Boiler suits might also be worn by people who wear diapers. But that’s where the story ends.

Ahhhh, the benefits of getting older and basically not giving a toss about what someone else declared as your personal must-have.


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